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I've read bits and pieces about old Rasputin - watched documentaries and dramatic historical license too.

I don't know if this man was really a kind of sneaky monk or if he actually used magic and had Shaman abilities.

Anyone have any opinions about how he pulled off the things credited to him?


Con man?

Dumb-azz lucky?

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No one knows how he did what he claimed to have done.

He might have been an animal whisperer.  I can see that.

I think he was just lucky when it came to the tsarevich or he used the same skills he had for calming animals on calming the kid.  And the kid recovered...because he was on his way to recovering already.

As for the women attracted to him even though he was so physically repulsive hygiene-wise?  No telling.  Maybe he was hung like a horse and was good in bed.  That can overcome a lot of misgivings.


If only it were that easy!

I think Rasputin was an excessively happy and hilarious perve.


The Russian word распу́тный (meaning "immoral, lecherous, dissolute") is an anagram of Распутин ы (which translates to: "Rasputin LOL")




Nomen Est Omen.

"If ya gotta go - go with a smile!"

There are very specific techniques for building the magnetic field ,

as well techniques for holding the gaze with magnetic force , and

using magnetic voice...

These may be used for healing , seduction , psychic manipulation ,

political sway , or a multiplicity of other uses , including influencing

the fields of animals , or plants...

This was , and is the old mystical knowledge , held , and passed down

by witches , wizards , magicians , tantrics , or tantrikas , as well , those

initiated into the higher levels of lodges , mystical orders , etc...

In the Sufi tradition , this power was known , ( and is ) as Baraka...

Which can mean "blessing" , yet that is just one level of meaning...

Rasputin , had a predisposed ability to move energy , yet as with many

who go through near death experiences , or other shocks to the system ,

latent energies may be , and often are , awakened...

Sexual interface , and exchange of energies can build these energies further...

Then , if one is taken , as a man , by an initiated priestess , or witch , under

the wings , so to speak , and trained...well , that is a another level...

I speak from some levels of direct experience , regarding this...

Further , if one looks into those who have been gifted in the Petro tradition

of voodoo , with what is called Ashe' , one may find stories of those who

have survived bullets , drowning , poisoning , and other methods of killing ,

as it is said he did...

The secret of magnetism , also called in Northern European tradition , "Odic

Force" , is well known , and utilized , by those who do know...;)


Rasputin was rumored to have been part of The Khlysty.


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