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This truly saddens me.  He was the one who really brought me to Paganism and showed me that it can be a beautiful path.  I never met him, but his big blue Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft was the first Pagan book I read and I've been on that path ever since.  I still have that book back home and I miss it; I'm bringing it back with me next time I visit home.  Even though I'm not Wiccan or a Witch, I still use much of what's in that book as a foundation.  I'm going to light a candle in his memory tomorrow.

Good-bye Raymond Buckland, and thank you for your guidance.

Like many others, I read Big Blue and learned so much from it. Yesterday when I heard the news, I was sad but remembered that death is not the end of the journey, only the beginning and continuous. Thanks be to Raymond Buckland and blessings in his new path.

This is an Imence loss yo the entire pagan community he will be sorely missed!

As The Chalice And The Priestess

As The Wand Is Of The Priest

As The Ecstacy In Union

As The Angel From The Beast

As The Life Is The Communion

As The Great Within The Least

As Of The Many As Of The One

Before Beginning Was Ever Begun

As All Birthed Of Love Divine

Beyond All Space Beyond All Time

Beyond All Word Beyond All Name

Beyond All Difference Where All Is Same

Beyond All Touch Beyond All Sight

Beyond All Day Beyond All Night

Where Shineth Flame O Ever Bright

O Singing Spheres O Pure Clear Light

O Loving Death Eternal Smile

Let Us Kiss Thy Lips Awhile

Let Us Clasp Thee To Our Breasts

By Thy Grace Be Laid To Rest

By Thy Touch Be Brought To Life

Beyond All Fear , And Greed , And Strife ,

Soul To Fly As Child Blessed

As Risen From A World Enmeshed

As Risen From The Form Entombed

O Chainless One , O Winged Womb !

May You Have Had A Peaceful And

Magical Crossing To The Otherside !


We Meet Death On Her Terms When She Is Ready To Receive Us



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