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I made a blog about two months ago on the many problems of racists and the like that permeate the vast reaches of Heathenism. I need to note here, as I did in my blog, that I am speaking purely from an American stance and that I am not exactly a heathen myself.

However, under the broader term of pagan, it effects us all. Some of the bias has been seeping into some forms of paganism. I applaud the groups, especially the one linked in the blog, that are about heathens and pagans against hate.

What got me was when someone was interviewed who is a peaceful heathen, they are afraid of being out of the pagan broom closet because of heathenism's association with racists, and not because of paganism's association with Satan. This is how bad this shit has become. I am really tired of it. With the current racial tension I think it's time to start speaking up more. Even if it becomes a tad bit annoying.

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What were skinheads originally?

Mosh pit punksters

Then goths...or variants

guys that worked on the docks and shaved their heads because of lice. It became a culture from there. Know its history.

Brings back memories...

"The Mods listened to Modern Jazz (1950-1960's), wore tailored suits and rode scooters, loved party drugs and dancing, watched French and Italian movies, and fancied themselves as swagger intellectuals. They hated the Rockers\ Greasers whom they saw as uncouth and dirty; many also hated Rock 'n' Roll."

Saw the Who's Quadrophenia Tour , at Winterland , San Francisco , when

Keith Moon passed out on stage twice , and they had to call someone from

the audience to drum...

The whole Quadrophenia album was based around a character involved

in the war of those cultures...fu**ing incredible , with quadrophonic sound


Not sure of the origin of the skinhead?

Recall a massive subculture movement of the working class in the UK, 1960's-who adopted the term 'skinheads'. United by the music of the era and dressed in jeans with braces, Dr Martins boots, skinhead hair cuts, also, borrowing fashion from other cultures, such as the Caribbean Trilby hat.

Due to the poor economic climate in England at the time and low wages. Nazi and nationalist groups began recruiting individuals with promise of better times- A better Britain. Many, mostly disillusioned, became inducted into the National front and other nationalist-racist groups.

My thoughts are of more military origins though? Many in Germanic culture, adopted the 'skinhead' at a similar period?

I think many of the "Heathens" that are interviewed have a very new or basic understanding of the worldview and religion.Many are eclectic pagans who have put a Norse or Germanic veneer over their practices.

If you have been around the Heathen scene for even a short time you become aware of the factions within.

There are many outspoken groups and national orgs. that denounce the racists.Just one example is Declaration 127.Then you have Heathens against Hate.

I'm having shitty internet service right now but maybe I'll expand more if it clears up and I dont have to wait 1 to 2 minutes between typing for it to show up on screen.

I talked about that in my linked blog.

I’m glad you started this post, I was thinking of posting about Rune abuse. I’m not of a Heathen tradition, but I do use Runes in a way I hope comports with the tradition. I’m very disturbed by the inappropriate use of the Runes by Neo-Nazis plastering of their flags and shields. It’s on par with the corruption of the Hindu sun cross into the Nazi Swastika, which has made the symbol's use in the West impossible because of the conditioned reaction.


I will post later on that , and how those who not only know

the runes , what they mean , how to use them...

But those at the top have been initiated into the Code I

work with , of Obri / Hebrew and Runic combined...

Let alone I had a neighbor with German heritage ( High German )

and he told me one of the first things his father taught him was

the Hebrew Qabalah , and gematria , so he would know his enemy

and how they used numbers and letters...

And why they ( Germans ) used Runes...

Back later with some deep info on that...;)

Here is a link to a thread I posted on from another site ,

showing how the KKK , Nazis , Alt - Right , and other groups

know the runes and the code , and use it...

This is absolutely untrue , and an affront to a large group...

I can tell you that right off , Bhakti that comment is full of feces...

"I think people are most likely racist before they are heathen."

They probably were. The issue however, is them co-opting heathenism and paganism to use.


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