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I made a blog about two months ago on the many problems of racists and the like that permeate the vast reaches of Heathenism. I need to note here, as I did in my blog, that I am speaking purely from an American stance and that I am not exactly a heathen myself.

However, under the broader term of pagan, it effects us all. Some of the bias has been seeping into some forms of paganism. I applaud the groups, especially the one linked in the blog, that are about heathens and pagans against hate.

What got me was when someone was interviewed who is a peaceful heathen, they are afraid of being out of the pagan broom closet because of heathenism's association with racists, and not because of paganism's association with Satan. This is how bad this shit has become. I am really tired of it. With the current racial tension I think it's time to start speaking up more. Even if it becomes a tad bit annoying.

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Well you're certainly entitled to your opinion.  Just as much as McNallen is entitled to ignore it and carry on.  Just as many are entitled to not cosign it, and carry on.

To say one is 'reclaiming' it from Racism is a misguided endeavor.

Heathendom doesn't need "reclaiming". Racists are the exception, not the rule. However, that I have to explain this should make evident the dangers of allowing racism in Heathendom to go unchallenged.

Heathens don't require permission from others to do a thing.  That's the very definition of being a Heathen.  Even if one's ideologies are challenged, it may just further reinforce them as we're seeing with McNallen.  So saying he's a POS doesn't appear to be working.

Reputation is an extremely important concept in Heathenship. However, no, he doesn't need my permission. There will continue to be stiff resistance against him.

As to this tribal stuff, "You scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours".....Brilliant! I like that! It must be as old as the hills, dating back to the stone age. That's cool, really! It would be nice if everybody thought that way, at least getting repaid for what good you have done for someone else/ Not everybody sees it that way.

I don't belong to any tribe, never did, since the days of the Etruscans, and probably never will. That said, I don't have those kind of dependencies, or liabilities, or obligations, Furthermore, I have nothing against people who want to live that way, or want to obligate themselves that way.

Your way is the tribe, my way is Individualism. That's the way the deck stacks for me, to make a long story shorter.

Like I told you, "race clanism" exists in all strata of the social spectrum, especially the territorial ones, where white all of a sudden become a minority. Yes, I said a "minority" the myth about majorities being white is just a myth, period. And you know what? I don't give a rats ass about that, I've learned to live with it, and to get around it whenever and wherever I can. Do I respect people like that? FUCK NO, of course not! Do we all have, or had, white enemies in the past? Sure, plenty of them...And there will be plenty more to come!

You're right, an enemy is an enemy, an ally is an ally, regardless of their skin color. EXACTLY! Generally in life, that's the way it should be reasoned. However, if someone wants to isolate their own society or religion together based on what they perceive or personally discern their ancestors traditions to be, that excludes other races, I have no problem with that either, BECAUSE IT IS NOT ONLY WHITE PEOPLE WHO DO THAT! in fact, THAT KIND OF TACTIC IS M0RE PRONE TO BE EMPLOYED BY RACES OTHER THAN WHITE PEOPLE. Once you get out of your own back yard, my friend, you'll begin to see the forest from the fucking trees!

The Mesopotamians, Chinese, Mongolians, Huns, Egyptians, Polynesians, Africans, Muslim Arabs, Indigenous Meso Americans, and North Americans, WERE NOT WHITE! What kind of world do you live in?

That is the reason why you should be careful with criticizing white people who do the same thing! This is human nature we are talking about, not some idealist pie in the sky, personal customized way of viewing the world. What goes around, comes around! If we can do it, they can do it. If they can do it, we can do it. That is my whole fucking point!

Heathenism does not need to be the exception. Race was not a factor until heathen people began to mix with other people of other races. In the old days, race mingling probably would not have gone over too well. But we are in a new age, and race divisions are as common as the common cold. This will not only end soon, it will NEVER end. Because like I told you, and as McNallen may be suggesting, that genetics does indeed play a role in the social interaction of people. That is not even debatable, it is a undisputable fact! Who likes it, and who doesn't, tough shit, who doesn't like it!

Why should heathens be the exception? They can be, if YOU want them to be. Obviously, not all heathens, numbers untold, see it that way. It doesn't take a neo Nazi to see it that way. Who wrote the rule book that ALL Heathens need to follow?

Did the Norse follow the same path as the Germanics? I doubt it...Did the Britts, Irish, or the Scotts roll out the red carpet, while they were being invaded and plundered by the Vickings or the Icelanders? They probably did not appreciate that! But that is the way the stones always rolled in their world, and everybody else's world, since time indefinate, and that is the way it is always going to be. Now, you can have your opinions, you can have your ideals, wishes, and hopes, and you can have your grievances, we all do, that is just human nature!

I follow a path where there are these arrogant, narcissitic bastards telling people, this is all about US, and our fearless leader, our fearless leader says this, and if you don't understand, then you can't read and write, or think for yourself! So go jump in a river! And fuck everybody else and their opinions.

So, I'm used to that kind of shit!

Actually, there were Greeks and Romans mixing with folks in the Middle East and North Africa. Not to mention, folks from Africa and the Near East that served in Roman legions all throughout their Empire. It's also going to be more homogeneous when the farthest most people of the time had been was twenty miles from home. Literally, that is the only reason. Things are, of course different now.

If "race clanning" is natural to everyone, it'll happen. It doesn't need help. If it isn't, it won't. From what I remember growing up, it had more to do with our interests. We cared more about what music one liked, or how they dressed than their skin color. Basically, it went by interests, or now looking at it (sub) culture. Heathendom will do the same thing for the most part. Most Heathens, and most folks interested in Heathenship have white skin, but some do not. There are always exceptions, and I'm not turning someone away because of them. Unless that person has a bad reputation. For some reason, what seems completely rational to me seems anathema to some others, I guess.

That's why when you're talking about non whites having color exclusive cultures, that isn't always true. Not only that, but it is often the underlying culture more than skin color. What Americans call "Asian" for example encompasses a ton of distinct cultures (Japanese culture is not Vietnamese culture, and both having the same skin color doesn't change that to either one), just as the term "Hispanic" encompasses many different cultures that you don't get to join simply because you're the *same* skin color, much less a different one.

My point with any of this is that, yes, he has the right to his opinion, and who he lets into the AFA (which, let me tell you, folks aren't beating down the door to join). That is not being contested. He is free to say what he wants, and free to let in or keep out of his group whomever. *However*, I am also free to repudiate, and speak out against him. After all, being brushed as a racist is not something I'd want, and many of us are caught between people who use Heathenship to promote politics, and others who see that, and associate us all with it.

I don't have the same view most Reconstructionist oriented Heathens have about the tribe vs the individual. I think the two feed into each other. If they didn't, there'd never be any changes or new ideas. Our instinct to protect our own is only matched by our instinct for self preservation. So, I too am used to having views shoved down my throat.
In other words: He is free to be who he is, and, so long as he isn't impeding upon the freedoms of others, is free to do and live as he wishes. However, others are free to fight his agenda. I guess if he doesn't like critics, he probably shouldn't put his views out for public scrutiny. What of these folks who are of mixed or multiple races? Their existence isn't negotiable, either. Nor do I expect them to be willing to be viewed as second class citizens, much less treated as such.

In what way would he be impeding on another person's freedom?

That's how that ideology works. There's no way to do what he wants to do *without* impeding on the rights of others. If that weren't his interest, he could just buy land with other people who agree with him, and live there. That isn't what he is trying to do.

What is he doing?  No one has a right to your living room.

He's all bark and no bite *now*. However, if folks don't speak out against these things, they'll assume support. To have what he wants, it would take force. He isn't saying that he wants to get together and for a self sustaining white commune. If that's what he wanted, I'd still not like him, but I'd have less of an issue with him. He doesn't say that, though. The fact that he has a channel, and puts his views out there means they are open for scrutiny.
Without mass displacement of people, he could get what he wants. Plus, he lives in California, which is a *very* diverse place. Why doesn't he live in a place with a higher percentage of whites?


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