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I made a blog about two months ago on the many problems of racists and the like that permeate the vast reaches of Heathenism. I need to note here, as I did in my blog, that I am speaking purely from an American stance and that I am not exactly a heathen myself.

However, under the broader term of pagan, it effects us all. Some of the bias has been seeping into some forms of paganism. I applaud the groups, especially the one linked in the blog, that are about heathens and pagans against hate.

What got me was when someone was interviewed who is a peaceful heathen, they are afraid of being out of the pagan broom closet because of heathenism's association with racists, and not because of paganism's association with Satan. This is how bad this shit has become. I am really tired of it. With the current racial tension I think it's time to start speaking up more. Even if it becomes a tad bit annoying.

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I've been watching the debates in the thread. They're interesting. Carry on.

It be swell if it wasn't flooded with irrelevant and useless photos.


Is this a day you are seeing in multiple images , Sin ?

I just went back through the thread...mabe five images , in thirteen pages...

All of them pertaining , in one way or another , to the subject at hand , even

Dave Pellani's above , which was used to bring levity into one long ass thread...

So apprx one image every 2.5 pages , not a flood...maybe a trickle down theory...;)

Yeah but it's hella annoying trying to read mobile.  Friggin' things take up the whole page, take long to load and this platform is wonky anyway.  

My reply,asan Asatru to a white supremacist: If you'[re so wworiied about white racial purity, let's start with you taking a DNA test. Then we'll see just how your personal purity stacks up. So far, none of them have taken me up on the challenge. The deities of Asatru are different cultures. And, if the vikings could inter-mingle with different cultures, have children, and have no issues, why should you?

I was not active on PaganSpace for a while, but came back in late September and began posting articles for my group "Wotanists Against Neo-Nazism". Please have a look; I think you will enjoy reading my material.

i support you in this, paganism in any form isnt about racism.


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