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Hi all. I have been struggling to reconnect with my spiritual side.  I used to be on here a couple of years ago but took a long break. There is a spark but that extra push to reclaim myself is lacking. ( And I'm not sure where to restart). 

When I was really active a couple years ago, I had very vivid dreams and they stopped happening as the years went on. Now they are starting up again, which is the spark.

I feel like all the passion in my life is isnt there and its a struggle to regain it

 Like pieces of me are missing. I also feel like lack of like minded people doesn't help either. Hence why I remade a paganspace account 

What does everyone do to reconnect with themselves?

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I'm only just starting off on this fantastic journey myself, but I think you're absolutely right that having likeminded people in one's life helps tremendously. As for what I've been doing that's helped me, kinda the opposite thing but I've found that lots of quiet, reflective solitude has been nice. lol

I have friends but I usually stay to myself. I also work nights too so that's a part of it. The friends I do have don't keep much contact and although I like them, being around them for too long drains my energy. I guess I want more like minded friends that are cool with chilling out. I'm like an old grumpy cat, I like my solitude and quiet. 

And good luck on your journey. It is indeed fantastic.

Me too, I'm the same way. lol

And thanks! Good luck to you as well, reconnecting with this part of yourself.

"What does everyone do to reconnect with themselves?"

Welcome Back Lunata Rose.

So many ways to reconnect to the spiritual side of life.

I had a very vivid dream last night. It was about my dead sister. In the dream she had a gunshot wound to the head. Both an entry and exit wound. She wanted me to touch the entrance wound which I did. She said my touch sent a charge of electricity through her head. I've been having a lot of strange vivid dreams lately.

Have you been writing them down? It seems that your sister is definitely with you.

I have not been writing them down. I guess I really should. It’s amazing how many things we forget and lose that connection with when we don’t have a visual record to remind us of the incident. It really is helpful to be able to pick up a journal of our experiences and review.

There is actually a dream analysis group on here that I used to post a lot of my vivid dreams on. And yes it is very helpful to record things like that. Sometimes Ill go about my day and suddenly get chills or a realization of what the dream was trying to tell me.

I relate to your problems here. You sound out of juice. I say give yourself the time to recover. Actually give yourself that time. 

Aside from that, for me there is nothing more healing than a bonfire. Also, just do something small and witchy every day, it helps me. 

Blessed be.

Fire and Ice , Sister of Asatru ;

Literally , and figuratively...

Sauna and ice cold water...body

Chanting the twenty four male runes of Odin : Fire

And the twenty nine of the Faery Freya : Ice

( As these were given by the Jotunn before )

I know and teach these chants , which are sung differently than today ,

as the modern galdr is taught...more like Tuvan / Tibetan throat singing ,

or chanting...

One set of fourteen runes , in a ring is known as Freya's necklace , and can

be used for "soul loss" , which sounds like something you are dealing with ;

I respectfully ask you to ask yourself when you gave up a part of you , which

was most important to you , in a sacrifice of self to self , that perhaps was not

the sacrifice for your betterment ;

That can cause a feeling of pieces missing and soul loss...

Now...your , and the same for us all , spark , is at your center , as the seat of

your Will , at what is called the Solar Plexus / or Womb Center / Navel ;

This is a major power center in the body , as I believe you know , ( from Pole

Fitness ) , and martial arts techniques , certain dancing , and especially Qi Gung ,

or Tai Chi , help to strengthen this center , and develop the Will...

One thing women tend to do , is give up power , sadly enough , which is centered

in this area...interestingly , when any of us are in relationships , this is one main

area we are held by , by our mates , as it is a naturally programmed area to protect ,

and nurture , as well stomach health , which can be depleted by poor diet , or alcohol ,

( I have nothing against a good stout or two )...;) most important...

So that is just some immediate to you , and your fiance !

If I may be of further service , as far as Runes , chants , or our old methods of healing ,

and balance ( very important word ) let me know...

I do have the chants posted on another site , in voice files...

Skol !

Maybe chakra meditations would help to get started.There are plenty of them on you tube. Merlins Magic covers the chakra's. I hope you find your way back. I got lost for a few years and you Can find your way back. Best of luck and blessings.

I agree with meditation, and you could also try a pathworking


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