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Hi all!

been trying to re read what few books I have (mostly of a wiccan variety from years back) but I don't think Wicca might be ENTIRELY right for me, just a feeling i don't know but I do like the feel of paganism for me. Are there perhaps any sources that focus on Reconstructionalism? it can be of any tradition, Celtic, Egyptian, Greek/Roman etc... 

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Religio Romana Handbook: A Guide for the Modern Practitioner (Modern Roman Living Series) (Volume 1) - written by a member of the reconstructionist group Nova Roma

Shinto Norito - not exactly reconstructionist, since the Shinto religion is still around, but it's very helpful for a non-Japanese to enter into the religion.

Labrys has published an introductory book to household worship, which recently was translated into English and is now available through Create Space and Amazon. If you purchase directly from Labrys via CreateSpace they receive a larger percentage of the sale price.


Book info, Hellenic Polytheism: Household Worship

CreateSpace store link

Online Resources essential to developing one's practice:

Hellenic (Athenian) Calendar 

Hesiod - Theogony; Works and Days

Homer - The Iliad; The Odyssey

Homeric Hymns *

Orphic Hymns *

Delphic Maxims
* = the translations most frequently preferred are those by Thomas Taylor and Apostolos Athanassakis
Perseus Project (Perseus Digital Library)
sacred texts


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