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Let's discuss about reincarnation . Lately I read some interesting theories and I want to develop the subject . I want to see opinions about reincarnation . And I have a question. Do you believe in Reincarnation ?

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I most definitely, do.

seeing as i have my own memories and have met others with the same - and have experienced it - it's kind of hard to deny its existance.

i personally only have a memory of one. i get little clips and tidbits - they're kind of like a real memory but still somewhat different - because i know i physically did not do these things in this life - so sometimes they can come off dream like. the only way i know they are different is i know the feeling of a dream vs reality (i have a lot of experience with dreams since i dream too much during the night) that and my memories have hit me during my waking life. unfortunately i have done nothing to trigger these specifically except follow the trail in understanding who i am. this is probably why i don't have extensive memories or couldn't give you count by count details. i would truly look forward to anyone who could help me unlock more. i think it would be grand to investigate further. i don't claim to know the end all and be all - however I do know what i believe in and what i've experienced :)

I believe that we live forth through our children, students and people we inspire, reincarnation is reserved for those who are a) great and gifted enough and b) asked to return to the clan with urgency.

I think it is a privilege, not a punishment, but that does not mean that I would like to go through something as shitty as adolescence ever again

I do, and have.

I have been a Grecian prince, a English pauper in the 1700's. I sure there is more but I have clear memories of these two lives.

I'm going to be reincarnated in a lake of fire

Really I don't know but I don't think reincarnation is any crazier than other beliefs held by other religions and I can't disprove it. I like the idea but that doesn't equal truth
I've heard my parents make fun of reincarnation like its a crazy belief but they are catholic so it's ironic people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones

Also it would mean we have to stop any increase of our population or we will produce only lots of more new souls who need many lives to get somewhere.

I think the reincarnation concept comes from a hunter/gatherer mind which assumes that there must be a "re-use"(sorry bad vocabulary perhaps) for everything, and that there is nothing in unlimited amount.

According to the migration of souls idea, which I believe in too, the new souls are coming up from the animal kingdom into ours so it is not us who are producing them when we increase the population. Also possibly they are coming from other species too, like fae and nature spirits or beings on other planets.

Of course we do not have any concrete facts to prove this, but if people remember that it would be convincing to themselves. Remembering in general is the most important factor in believing in reincarnation.

I sort of believe in it.

The most ancient religions in the world believe in it.  

My path says it's an option.  In the afterlife, you sometimes have the option of being reincarnated.

And I personally have gotten vague feelings and images of having lived in the past.

I am weary of saying i believe in it. I just do not know and i am unsure how anyone can say for sure as it's just a belief right now.  But it seems that everyone that claims to know who they were in a past life were always a prince or royalty somewhere or were in ancient Egypt or something like that.  Im skeptical of that.

you mean wary, not weary, do ya?


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