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Let's discuss about reincarnation . Lately I read some interesting theories and I want to develop the subject . I want to see opinions about reincarnation . And I have a question. Do you believe in Reincarnation ?

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I've learned that reality doesn't care what I believe. It is what it is, and you have to accept phenomena as they appear without putting your own spin on them. There is evidence that some people "remember" alternate lives, whether these were actually past lives, or just information pulled from the Akashic record is still a question. Additionally, since, psychical phenomena are transtemporal, it's at least theoretically possible to remember future lives as well as past lives, and how would you know which are which? There is, at this time, no theory or proof that would forbid reincarnation either in sequence or across time, so it's best to keep an open mind. I have some suspicion that alternate or past life memories are more common among the population than generally documented.

I like the idea of reincarnation. It's nice to think that our bodies are recycled by natural processes, yet we have an immortal ghostly self that transfers to other lifetimes. I like it, but I am more inclined to think that we simply get recycled and that's not such a bad thing. I personally don't have past life memories, I have had strange feelings of nostalgia that I can't place. Whatever is true, I think it most important to live the life you're living right now. =P

Technical I don't believe in reincarnation if by that you mean have an opinion without evidence.I vividly remember my past lives.I have a spiritual technology that gives me direct access to my past lives and also my ancestral memories as well as other kinds of memory such as out of incarnation memory and so on.

I do not want to say that I believe or know anything. But I do have a lot of experiences, dreams, invasive daydreams since early childhood. Furthermore I had so, so many synchronizing events that puts knowlegde, people and events in my path. If it is reincarnation or not, no idea but something exist out there. That I know and that I believe. (sorry for bad english) 

For me, reincarnation is best explained by energy. The energy that makes your heart beat. When that form that holds energy withers it then moves into other forms of consciousness may it be here or on another planet, dimension or whatever (probably why a lot of us don't have memories of past lives) We are 3-dimensional being and rather young in our knowledge if you ask me. So, claiming anything for a fact-based only on a science we are still developing is only limiting. I do however agree with you who say we should enjoy and live to our fullest potential because you're right we just don't know for sure.

I do have a theory involving reincarnation and Trans-kids. Some Trans-kids, very young Transgender children, appear to identify their gender separate from any input they receive from their environment. I think this comes from deep inside themselves, and that it might indicate an influence of a past life. Imagine if your past lives run along one gender but, in a new life it’s reversed from the other lives.

Particularly at an early age, you could retain a self-image as previous genders, which could cause you to disassociate from the new alignment. According to Identity Theory, identities have a self-maintenance aspect, and disrupting an identity from the outside can cause trauma to the psyche. If someone retained an identity from a past life, you don’t want to force them into accepting a new identity, but you want to give them a path to gradually adjust or mutate either themselves or the identity to produce an alignment they can live with.

I've considered something similar, that our soul is male or female, and the opposite to the body your in.  It's how a man can appreciate a flower or a sunset or woman can stand up for herself, or defend her children if attacked.  However, some people are born identifying with their soul, and find themselves attracted not to the opposites sex but to the same sex they are.  

It could also manifest itself as someone who does not even accept the body they have, and want to change sex.  The question is. Was this planned by the person who will live this life or is it some kind unavoidable error as part of the reincarnation process?

When you consider the innumerable permutations of the lives you could lead, perhaps being one sex or another could become boring for some people or a challenge to live the life you would rather have than one your supposed to live as by convention.

My theory is that there is reincarnation based on my own past life recollections and those I have been told of or been witness to. That along with messages from spirits on the other sidewho speak of waiting to be reborn

And, then there's Galileo. If you died in a plane crash you don't have to do that again--right?

It's cool seeing what others believe particularly with the diversity found on PS. Anyways, Have you guys heard of Alan Watts? I found this agreeable

I feel weird about this theme.
I do remember I used to live in a large community of wolf people located in a land with many hills and some forestry. They had buildings of stone, public places ,and small town on top of the biggest hill where the castle was located. They had an arena aswell ;the arena was used for many things and one of those things was choosing a leader.
The strongestimated wolf person in the group was always the leader. I remember they made me fight my brother who was the biggest wolf person that has been born, he was gifted with unbelievable durability; after dodging many fatal blows I ran out the collosseum, down the gigantic hill full of skinny dry trees. I escaped Because I was the fastest wolf person in the village. I must of been skinny.
If you know of of such things I spoke . Pls share with me.


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