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I have faith in what I know in my heart that isn't yet scientifically proven. But I am also a woman of science. I believe that there is nothing that can't be proven by science, just things that haven't been proven yet. The things we call supernatural are simply things that are natural but science hasn't caught up. 

Statistics show that the phases of the moon (especially a full moon) has an effect on human behavior. It's where the term lunacy comes from.

Studies tested on athletes, students and soldiers show that a concentration on certainty of a result will make it manifest. These are repeatedly proven results, which, by scientific rules, makes it fact. This is why our spells work.

Thermal imaging has captured the temperature signature of ghosts. A closed minded skeptic will tell you it's and optical illusion or that the image was there because of an air condition vent. But then, why is it shaped like a person? EMF and EVP also lend scientific proof to the existence of spirits.

Meditation changes your brainwaves and sometimes we have prophetic dreams.

Scientists can't explain these yet, but someday it might.

Then no one would look down their noses at our beliefs.

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Interesting, but it's nothing but a claim and doesn't explain ghosts still supposedly looking human.  Obviously ghosts aren't getting a strong electrical charge once they're dead.

Sure it does. The aura does not diminish when part of the physical whole is taken

away, the whole of the aura is still there.

 Is there a difference between ghosts and the aura?

If there is a word aura and a word ghost then obviously SOMEONE thought there's a distinction.

An aura doesn't just come from nothing.  SOMETHING is powering it.

My guess is Ones living the other is the remnant that has not crossed over.

 I do not know, the tech is there, expensive to play with. 

Ex; how many words are there for taking life?

This is some new tech that will bring to light ghosts, spirits, the life force

of the living.

Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. Science and religious/spiritual beliefs both have a long way to go in search of the truth.

I think someday the paths of those two searches for truth will converge

Stephen Hawking died this week and he sometimes delved into religion and science. I found this quote from the following article interesting: "I don't think that Laplace was claiming that God didn't exist. It is just that He doesn't intervene, to break the laws of Science. That must be the position of every scientist. A scientific law, is not a scientific law, if it only holds when some supernatural being, decides to let things run, and not intervene."-Stephen Hawking

Does God play Dice?


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