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With all this talk about Obama's religion does anybody else think religion has gotten far to much attention when there are so many more important issues we need to deal with.

As I have said many times before I dont care if Obama or anybody else worships Fred the Wonder Goat and I find the fact that so many people do annoying. Regardless of whether you like him or hate him. Is his religion so important that you have to make up coverup conspiracies????

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I think religion should be left out of any political situation. It adds flames to the fires already burning.
The idea of seperation of church and state has always been to some degree a fallacy to me. While indeed theoretically it should not matter whether he worships fred the goat or walks backwards naked thru a cornfield whistling dixie- It does.

I know contradictions welcome to america 0-0 . But in fact most of the time it does bear weight with some voters. Obviously a christian politician with religious leaders speaking on his behalf make an impact. [ I am merely using Christian as an example ]

I wish it was not part and parcel but unfortuneately it does become that way .
I agree with Ren, to some extent. It SHOULD be left out of political situations, but the fact of the matter is, it never will be.

Religion is seen as a basis of moral standing, and with the lack of moral standing in politics, the politician in question had better have a "wholesome" background. How did s/he raise his/her kids? What have they done for their community? Is s/he capable of bringing good values (usually Christian, since we've only had a handful of Catholic presidents, and Obama is our very first Muslim) to the office s/he holds?

For people to whom religion is a large part of their lives, it makes sense to align with someone of that nature politically. It makes things messy, but it's a fact.
>> Obama is our very first Muslim

He's a christian
Yeah? I wonder where I got that from.... XD
His father was Muslim and his mother was atheist I think. His family's Muslim background is blown way out of proportion. He has stated numerous times he is Christian and has been attending a Christian church (albeit one with a questionable preacher).

Anyways, I believe that few politicians that say they're religious are really serious about their religion on a personal level. Most, both Republican and Democrat, bring it up mainly to try to get the religious majority on their side.
Geez the fact that a politicians religion matters more than their history of honesty and reliability causes me to question all claims of human intelligence
I'm with you there!
Perspective < religion
Religon/morals/empathy/sympathy have no place in politics.

Logic. It's all anyone should use when given power.

I'd like a satanist for prez.
I'll just write in SIN in 2012.
The problem is that logic is relative and serves the one in a position of power. I think part of the problem is that many of our leaders follow the logic that in order to be wealthly and powerful they have to be tools. Also if you follow the logic that a chain is only as strong as the weakest leak then short of periodic purges the only sensible solution is logical empathy which absolute adherence to a religious doctrine almost always excludes because anyone outside that code is denied empathy regardless of the lack of logic in doing so
Satanist would be cool however many Satanists can't even agree on what a true Satanist is. But I could see them as a libertarian or liberal candidate maybe, however I don't see a candidate who's openly a Satanist getting elected in my life time. There's still a large number of Christians in America and I can't see do many of then voting for a Satanist.


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