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With all this talk about Obama's religion does anybody else think religion has gotten far to much attention when there are so many more important issues we need to deal with.

As I have said many times before I dont care if Obama or anybody else worships Fred the Wonder Goat and I find the fact that so many people do annoying. Regardless of whether you like him or hate him. Is his religion so important that you have to make up coverup conspiracies????

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The last Time we mixed Politics and religion my ancestors got roasted so I think religion and politics should remain separate.Religion fuels to many fires already and I for one hate most politicians and dont trust our government this topic is touchy for me.
A considerable number of people seem to equate being religious (read Christian) with being morally good, despite all of the evidence to the contrary. Maybe it's a method of evaluation that doesn't require them to actually think about the issues and the character of those trying to be elected. I've noticed that many people would rather believe a simple lie than try to understand a complex truth.
all true
In my opinion the whole religion and politician thing is ridiculous anyway because as far as I can see the vast majority of politicians in this world(Ireland for 100% sure) only worship money and power so what difference does it ultimately make if they label themselves Christian, Muslim or Atheist.
I dont think it does ...To deny the attraction of power is silly...It is a natural human quality to be addicted to it ...It is not common knowledge that Freudians beleive power is nearly as strong a drive as sex and self preservation sometimes even stronger ...
Perhaps there is a divine spirit somewhere watching over us, I certainly hope so, but to me religion has little to do with beleif in that spirit. On the positive end in provides comfort to those who need it and a reason for people to do what they probably already knew was the right thing, what 5,000 years of human philosophy and thought and experience tells them is the right thing...On the negative side it stops people from thinking about the future because they believe it is already set and provides a security delimna for ambitious power seekers to use against people desperate for simple answers to a complex world
Very well said. This is pretty much my thinking exactly, but much better worded than I would have managed.
Well I love my wife but I havent been to church since I was 9 or 10
A person's religious affiliations, or lack thereof, don't matter to me. The only thing that matters is their stance on an issue.


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