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DeFina said an examination of Jahi also revealed that her brain was still intact, rather than "liquefying" as would be expected if a brain-dead body was kept on life-support for many months.

DeFina also said brain scans showed electrical activity, and other tests showed blood flowing to the brain.

Mother of the Year Blog

2017 Update:  "Judge Declares her "Alive". " - see comment body

June 2018 Update: Never let her goFinally taken off life-support

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I suppose that depends on the doctor's ruling.  Another doctor may examine her and determine there is no 'life' in her.  Just a body being preserved by artificial means. I guess we shall find out, when the parents pursue the lawsuit.

Or she'll find out when she wakes up screaming in the tomb. Sorry, I'm in a good mood today so I'm thinking happy thoughts.

Yes! Yes! Raise the Dead! Raise the Dead! [said while jumping up and down with childish glee]

Modern medical science models the human body as a machine, but machines neither live nor do they die. This is why medical professionals today are totally unprepared to deal with death and life. The improvements in medicine have reduced the incidence of death in childhood, which means that parents today are completely unprepared for the death of a child. Like a lot of deep issues, it has it’s good and bad sides. Neither of the parties involved have the training or understanding to really deal with the situation. You’d be better off finding a shaman, something not easy to do in this age, to make the determination. Or, we could wire her up to a computer system, and turn her into a techno-zombie. That’s something medical science can deal with, and the parents could have a simulacrum (a changeling?) of their daughter back.

If the Mother would kindly post updated photos so we can observe the condition of the child's body, that would be helpful.  She's been very disingenuous about the photos she does post.  Either doctored up, embellished or they are older than what she asserts.  Aside that, a medical examination by an independent investigator would be key.  The family is apprehensive, naturally, because anything reported would harm their lawsuit.

Worse, this has nothing to do with the daughter or her actual medical/spiritual state. It’s about the hospital and their selfish economic need to free a bed, and the mother and perhaps other family member’s selfish inability to face death. In the west, we do not deal with death very well. Unfortunately, there’s no accepted way to ask the daughter what she wants. This is why today it’s good to have a living Will even if you want them to keep you on life support forever.

I suspect that regardless of the mother’s evidence the court will side with economic necessity.

She's in a private facility in Jersey. This isn't about the hospital but rather the Mother trying to get paid on a malpractice case.

So, I’ve avoided reading Jung’s “Red Book”, but I recently ordered a copy since it felt like the right time to look at it. It arrived today, and in an impromptu bit of involuntary bibliomancy, I flipped through the pages. Guess where it landed. On page 320: Chapter xiii, “The Sacrificial Murder”.

S: “Step nearer and you will see that the body of the child has been cut open; take out the liver.”

S: “Take a piece of the liver, in place of the whole, and eat it.”

Shall we take out the child’s liver and eat it?

Thanks Aurelia   I was actuallly thinking about this case a few days ago.  Poor kid.  

Scary! I don't think modern science has much of a handle on brain activity , as a psychic and a witch I think almost any living being can communicate if handled appropriately. Makes you wonder why more people don't get psychics in to talk to people on life support.

Because the idea that Psychics can contact brain dead people is a farce.  At best, (even this child's family) you interpret body movements and make guesses. Not much differently than cold reading using Divining.


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