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I am looking for someone who can remove love for someone from my heart. She will never love me again and I will never stop loving her. So for my own sanity I need to remove that love. Tried with a forget someone spell but it didn't work. Now I am asking now. Someone please help me.

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My friend the type of magic you are looking for simply does not exist.there is no more powerful force in our realm ,at least not that we are vessel enough to transmit ,than love is the force behind every single thing that we do in our lives in one facet or another,it moves mountains and wounds and breaks hearts ,souls literally claw their way back from the other side from reluctance to be parted from one they have truly was fated that you found and fell in love with this individual,unfortunately it might not have been fated for you to be with her through out this life,but she is imprinted on your very spirit now and she cannot be erased .im sorry for this may not be what you want to hear but love is the driving force behind human's why we survive as a species...yes break it down to its least intimate parts and you can call it instinct or whatever,but it's love that drives us to create descendants which advances our kind and love that compels us to give our own lives for another my explanation is far to simplistic to truly diagram just how potent a spiritual,Devine power love really is but it is literally a force of sorry for your broken heart but don't be so quick to want to erase this person from your life or is likely that this will turn out to be a time that helps to define you for better or worse and in that sense ,the memory of that love should be cannot unwind fate my brother ...good luck
Chose to see the experience differently...instead of trying to unlove,focus your energy and magic on simply moving on with your life in peace and prosperity or war and conflict whatever you're into really,my point is try meditations or spells that focus on new opportunities and future experiences prepare yourself for the next quest so to speak...

What you want is not a spell anyone can do for you; it's one you'll have to do yourself.

All I can really suggest is to look at your two selves astrally and the web of connections between you, then sever each one.  Don't chicken out and stop midway or leave a few threads "just because".  Make it a clean break, then take a ritual bath in salt water to wash away the last of the relationship.  I'd do this on the New Moon.  Best of luck!

You don't require a spell to undo your love for this person, what your suffering from is the hormone oxytocin, it's the same hormone that bonds a woman to her baby, and is eight times more powerful in women than men. That's not to say that everyone is the same, it could take up to two years before these feelings go away. So even if you say 'I will never stop loving her' you probably will, always love her, but given time this will lessen, and you will move on.

LOL It's been 16 years and I havent yet, but I have done something that lessing it and it is working so far

Well I'm glad. thank goodness.

Whats the situation maybe I can help you out?  I been told I am  pretty good atthisstuff!


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