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The past 2 nights I have had a similar dream. The first night was about a young male lion coming into my house and devouring all of our pets. The second night was about all of these different types of wild cats, cougar, tiger, panther coming out of the dark and attacking kids, small animals and anyone who was still dumb enough to go outside while that was happening, the dreams were very graphic. During the dream on either night I was not at risk to get devoured or attacked I was always one step ahead of it and I also made the conscience decision to not help those who were in danger or put themselves there which is not characteristically they way I would act in a situation like that. I am always the one leading in a crisis. I was very curious that the obvious symbolism were with the cats what does this mean? Thank you in advance to anyone that can help me interpret this messed up dream!

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I'm surprised to see that people believe you can just "look up" and find what dream symbols mean. It doesn't work like that. You will need to figure out what those symbols mean to you personally to find out why they are showing up in your dreams. Please research the "dream interview method" of interpreting dreams. Otherwise you will not get to the root of the meaning. 

I have had advise about meditation (DID GET MY ANSWERS OUT OF ANOTHER DREAM). I have spent some time on it personally.. I find on sites like this there are a ton of experiences people have that are helpful and a way people can connect. Sometimes it IS just as simple as a basic interpretation. Just because a reference is "looked up online" does not mean that it cannot be connectable to the person who is seeking whatever knowledge that could be needed to sort out a dream sequence. I feel that should be left up to the person seeking. Daughter Moonlight what do you do when you have received a message in your dream? How did you come to know the "dream interview method?" Unfortunately in today's world I will have to "look that up". Thanks for the response!


I am seeking to become more "in-tune" with myself and get more time with my guides and get back "to me", as I mentioned in my Hello discussion. I am learning more and more from you guys about looking into my inner self, instead of saying to myself I am not inept enough to be a dream interpreter, (in reality I am the interpreter, just didn't know it). Looking some things up did give me somewhere to start and contemplate, mostly because it didn't fit what I was feeling in the dream. Thus reaching out here and learning the ways I could find the meaning of the dream. Things have an odd way of being useful. I did get the message sorted out in another dream. In the first one.. this was a representation of my daughter and some of the issues on her personal responsibilities. A lot of things we love and care for have been devoured by our situation (her schooling, life and things she should be responsible for). Because she has had lack of concern for her duties she has (because of that) exhausted us and our resources thus taking these things away from herself. I have aloud her that control which brings moments of chaos to the family. Don't get me wrong I love my daughter but she can be extremely overwhelming. The second dream has a similar meaning. I am in a new marriage where I am now the "head of the family" and makes me very uncomfortable even unhappy. Even though I am in this position I still watch as they trip and burn and remain vulnerable to life, in such a reckless way that can even have long lasting detrimental circumstances that I am sick of living through. I just have to sit back and watch (being behind the glass) because of the carelessness, naivety, and the lack of ability to take advise and utilize it to remain as smart and safe as you could be. I have thrown my hands in the air (not assisting)and have decided instead of killing myself cleaning up the mess. I would just watch them be devoured by the stupidity that happens all around me. For me the interpretation of the panther that scared me was "me". I am afraid of just unleashing my fury, hurt feelings, stress etc.. and allowing myself to become sucked in and become as out of control as some of the things that come down in my family due to the lack of control, care or discipline. I feel like none of my people initially in my dream weren't being devoured because the message wasn't about that it was about look at the chaos around you. This will be what you will continue to watch if you cannot find the right way to lead and this (the panther) will be what will happen if you don't find a solution. 

The different cats (forgot to add this) are just the different chaotic life, resource eating consequences who only existed in the dream because they had an environment to do what they due stalk easy prey like leaving your trash out in bear country, or going out without a gun. You know better but you take unnecessary risks or just plain dumb to think those things won't come out to get you! 


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