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So, recently James T. Hodgkinson asked people playing baseball if they were Republican or Democrat before open fire and shooting anybody who was a Republican.  His victim was Steve Scalise.

Not that long ago, there has been a mentally handicap teenage boy who was kidnapped by 4 people for merely wearing a Trump hat. 

There are videos by Tim Poole saying Republicans organizing a rally and setting up the rally months in advance just for AntiFa to show up to bring rocks, bricks, knives, and all sorts of weapons to injure anybody who voted Trump.

Yet, Trump supporters are constantly called "Nazis."  When all the violence comes from the other side.  It reminds me of the Salem Witch Trials.  Where so many Christians were falsely accused Witchcraft.  "I saw Sarah with the devil."  And the people cried and pleaded.  "I'm no more a witch than you are."  None of those people were witches for anybody who knows anybody about history.  Yet, they were falsely accused of it, then put to death. 

There are very few Trump supporters that would label themselves Nazis or White Nationalists or White Supremacists.  When Tim Poole asked multiple Trump supporters live and on air if they were one of those.  All the people he asked said, "No."  And they hate those people. 

It seems more normal to cherry pick alt-righters out of all Trump supporters, then labeling all Trump supporters by the fringe.  Then injuring them.  If the roles were reversed it would be like labeling all Hillary voters as TERFs.   Cherry picking all the TERFs, then going, "Well, this person is a TERF so you must be one. So, I'm going to shoot you."  Whether or not the Hillary voter supports TERFs who absolutely hates them and want nothing to do with them.  IF the roles were reversed and Hillary voters were at risk of being maimed, beaten, ignored for being a Communist, which is probably the very FRINGE elements of the Democrat party that doesn't represent all or even most Democrats.  People on the left would be pissed.    Yet, we get constantly comparisons to Nazism.  When anybody could see that all the violence, censorship, etc comes from the left.   When the worst part of the Nazis were all the people that they killed and censored.   Nazis loved burning books and ideas.

Ironically enough, the people I see representing the Nazi party the most would be the left, since the censorship and violence is the worst part of the Nazi Party.   Had there been no violence or censorship.  I don't think anybody would complain about a peaceful party where nobody got hurt.   It's the violence and censorship that people have a problem with.  Which is what the left is engaging in.  Like ANTIFA and BAMN.  Those people may not represent the entirety of the left.  But they are being encouraged whenever a person goes, "Those Trump supporters are Nazis."  Even though, AntiFa and BAMN really do view Trump supporters as Nazis and seeks to harm them.  Even though there are black and gay Trump supporters.

Such as the gay Trump supporters banned from Gay Pride

It's just faulty reasoning of the fringe is supposed to represent the majority. and the majority is supposed to represent the fringe.  Where I spoken to a number of Trump voters with black girlfriends, wives, or biracial children.  But these people are supposed to be racist Nazis?  Though, renown feminist Laci Green is now called a Nazi, and a white supremacist for dating Chris Ray Gun, a Puerto Rico, who has 3 black roommates, that he's very close to.  Even to the point of buying his black roommates very expensive gifts.

Racism has come to mean.  Anybody who's Not a Democrat.  Including Centrist people like me.  Nazism is anybody who didn't vote for Hillary Clinton or Jill Stein.  It is no different than if the roles were reversed and if Republicans flippantly called all Hillary and Jill Stein voters Communists even if the majority would never identify that way.  And to just cherry pick the Communists and find websites and blogs and shower the actual Communists Hillary supporters with all sorts of attention then going, "See, they do represent all of you." 

Because there is a HUGE DIFFERENCE between the narrative I hear and gay people hear and personal experience interacting with these people.  Where I'm black and bisexual.  Scott is gay.  Yet, we've been treated very well.  They have been more nicer to me than years and years inside a Wiccan community.  And yes, how a person treats me does matter because actions speak louder than words. 

I don't care for people who go on and on about how much they LOVE the black community and want to talk about black struggles, when they mistreated me even during the time I voted for Obama twice.  I voted for Obama twice.  We're on the same page.  Still wasn't treated with any warmth or kindness with how much you just LOVE black people.  You would think that back in Obama era when I voted for him twice that during that time frame I would get well treated.  But I wasn't.  Caring about black people just seems to be nothing more than virtue signaling.  Something people say to feel good about themselves, but nothing they actually mean. 

I have no idea what comes to your mind when you say, "Nazi."  I think of people who aren't for the diversity of ideas and want to censor different ideas from being heard like INVITED Republican speakers being disinvited from campuses.  I think of how the Nazis viciously attacked a diverse group of people.  They didn't just attack the Jews. They killed various people, too.  To me, ANTIFA and BAMN and the gunman is more similar to the Nazis because they are the ones actually hurting people.  I'm a black bisexual, and I'm more afraid of being attacked by ANTIFA, then merely being in the middle of a Trump rally.  

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The media, being well aware of Confirmation Bias, as well as all the other techniques of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), and psychological warfare, and who are believers in the "Media is the Message" - craft their stories accordingly.  This used to be called propaganda (speaking of Nazi's).

One might well argue that the media have become a very powerful branch of pretty much every government.

We would all do better the turn off the "toobs" and by that I mean the cable TV, the YouToobs, and most of the other conglomerated news-sources.  They have agendas, and we are the fodder.

Let us open our own eyes and see what is really going on.  Let us act in accordance with the One Law, and strive to live as we want, and always allow others to do the same.

I don't care who is violent (such as Hodgkinson) ...

I don't care if they are right left, up, down, or a-political...

I don;t care if they are gay, straight, or some new-fad multi-gender-self-defined...

I don't care if they wear a Trump hat, Hillary Pant-suit, or a Sponge-Bob-Square-Pants-suit...

I don't care if they are Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Moslem, Pagan, Atheist, etc...

If they perpetrate violence because they disagree with someone else, they are evil and stupid.

Doing so violates the One Law:

You may do whatever you want as long as you never abrogate the rights of anyone else to the same.

Once the One Law has been violated, the perpetrator of that violation no longer has the right of protection under the One Law, and they can then be put down by those to whom they violated.

And Mr. Hodgkinson is dead - which he richly deserved.

The rhetoric feeds off each others sides, within the GOP and Dems and affiliated grups around thses parties whipped up by the corporate media for ratings and sponsor profits, the casualties in the social violence, sometimes deadly is at street levels nationwide and even overseas with bigotries expressed by some American travelers.

Religious Christian radio in North America leans towards Republicans and in Canada with conservatives. The rhetoric takes a religious approach to stoking hate of non believers as Satanic forces, also for Democrats and liberals.

In the related clip, a female religious political activist encourages harmful prayer projections on libs and Dems who are part of the Devil's plan, she also invokes "thou shalt not suffer a witch to live" to claim it helped bring the "Witch" Hillary down with sickness. Wiccans, pagans, occultists, witches in the USA are also targets of the religious right, plus religious Republicans in their propaganda.

Hope is found in those who understand that we are free beings.  Hope is found in those who heal, comfort, but never shy from uncomfortable truths.

I have an instinctual distrust of those who seek power over others (but term it as "leadership").

The true leader looks for no followers, they come to him because they want to learn to lead themselves. 

"A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves." -Lao Tzu

Confirmation bias, Fiona.

I could easily put forth the argument that all terrorist bombers and abortion clinic terrorists and assassins in the USA are conservatives.

I could easily say that Republicans are fascists because at a Trump rally, the crowd was chanting to put all liberals in prison.  Isn't that what dictatorial regimes do?  Imprison their political opponents?

So natter away, Fiona.  The argument can easily be turned back on Republicans and conservatives.

I live in California , on the coast...

He wants to take away environmental protections , and

allow things like drilling off the coast of California...

You think the people who live here , work here , love the

environment , are fishermen , want to give him and his cronies

a chance to screw up the environment just to make money... , I don't think so...

I know people whose families will be torn apart , if he has his

way with immigration...give him a chance to screw up their lives ,

or take away some of my friends ?

Nooo...don't think so...

Let him lie continually , bully , whine , pout , and set bad example as

a supposed intelligent leader representing this country ?

Nooo...don't think so...

Let him avoid being as transparent as he can , regarding his tax returns ,

business dealings , meetings with his cabinet , foreign officials , or anyone

else ?

Nooo...I don't think so...

If some group of people , or government investigators go for his throat , kick

his ass , or evict him off what he wants to think of as his bully pulpit throne ,

I sure won't stop them...but I will cheer them on , and wish them well in the


Nobody has to manufacture hatred of him and his demon breed for me...

I hated him long ago...and I rarely , extremely rarely , can say I hate anything...

And I do think anybody who is for him , is stark raving crazy...but *that* is IMO...

Then there's the viral trend to #HuntRepublicans or #HuntRepublicanCongressmen advocating for the death of Republicans after the shooting of Scalise. There have people Democrats saying that more should've gotten shot as Democrats support Republicans getting shot.

Fortunately, the ADL is getting involved and is speaking out on left wing extremism. It's about time the ADL got involved. B/c if you think most of the country is racist, sexist, misogynist, homophobe, and transphobe. Maybe it's not most of the country. Maybe its you. And you could move to Canada.

"""In the past few months, extremist experts have seen a rise in politically motivated violence from the far left, Vice News reports. As of late, there have been a multitude of violent acts from the far left including Antifa violence at U.C. Berkley and the riots in D.C. following Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Ever since the 2016 presidential election, the American Defamation League (ADL) has been tracking the growing anger within the American left, specifically directed at President Trump and his administration. According to Oren Segal, the Director of ADL’s Center on Extremism, the “ADL has been warning law enforcement personnel about the possibility of an increase in left-wing violence as a result of growing anger. The shootings in Alexandria appear to be an example of this.”"""

I could not tell the difference between people on the left and members of ISIS. Everybody who voted Trump such as GaysForTrump or ImmigrantsForTrump, BlacksForTrump all evil, terrible, horrible people. When I'm sure that the ADL could see that it's a highly diverse group. GaysForTrump just don't want to see a repeat of the Orlando Pulse Nightclub shooting. ImmigrantsForTrump actually came to this country legally. They just don't want us to run out of resources. Here's an analogy there are thousands of homeless people in America. Would you invite them all into your home or would you be concerned over running out of resources?

Yet anybody who voted Trump whether it's GaysForTrump, BlacksForTrump, ImmigrantsForTrump, or WomenForTrump are all racist, sexist, misogynist, homophobe, transphobe. Even tho Trump got the White Female Vote for 53%

The strong hatred of the Right even people who are Centered-Right is Cult-Like. Do you want to know one of the biggest signs of being in a cult is? Having a strong, polarized Us-vs-Them mindset. Where you can't befriend or have a civilized discussion with the person on the other side because you view them as all evil.

I hope for a brighter tomorrow where people could go to a Free Speech rally without worrying about people stabbing them or throwing bricks or explosives at them. Even when I voted for Obama twice, I still strongly supported Free Speech. The left would send us back to 1984 Orwellian style saying, "Doubleplusungood. BB is watching you."

And nope, I'm not a RWNJ. I fall on the Center on every political compass test I ever taken. And I had good people on the Left on my channel. Whenever I have done a show with a feminist or person on the left. We had a dialectic. Not a debate. It was very friendly and we had a good time. And I'm very grateful for the feminists who are supportive of me. I could acknowledge that there are good people like Laci Green willing to put political differences aside and have a dialectic. Unfortunately, by being willing to have a conversation. Laci Green got called a white supremacist :'(

Hmmmm, sounds like Trump and his followers...

Hmmmm... Sounds like pretty much everyone in Washington - The left are as rabid dog crazy for power as the right.  The problem is this massive concentration of power and money.  We have a fourth branch of government that was never elected called "the media" or perhaps more correctly, "the propaganda".

I'm pretty much done with it all - the few who still cling to a sense of true freedom and liberty, who understand that a free people need to be responsible for their own actions and not dependent on sucking from the government teat are drowned out in the endless parade of lies, distortion, and desensitization.

It's the same tired old story that has been told in endless nations, states, and power hierarchies. "The sky is falling! Donald Trump! OMG!!!" there are scads of Donald Trumps, and Barack Obama's, and any number of others who live to hold the levers of power - power over other people.

We don't need any of it, well... if we ever grow up. 

Our response is clear.  Ignore them when you can, live your life as you will. Live by the One Law.

Fiona , I have to say this because it is true for me

and I just can't take it anymore , without saying


Your diatribes , and mistakes in your sentence structure ,

phraseology , and walls of text , are a violent assault on

my consciousness , as well as your overboard reactions

to one person's statements to turn something into the

idea of a conspiracy of vehemence against a whole political


Your further reaction , is to suggest others "move to Canada"

or somewhere else , if they do not agree with you and your

cohorts , or perhaps better said , your cultist followers you

are always bragging about...

I have no hatred for anyone who voted for the asshole Trump...

I just think they are all crazy...

( please slow your diatribes down enough to correct your sentence

structure , please stop lumping all individual's thought frames together

into one big conspiracy , and please stop suggesting people who do not

agree with you , move to Canada...Thank you for that consideration )

You're not in a very good position to talk about mistakes in sentence structure, phraseology, or walls of texts.  It's just to pot calling the kettle black.  You're not supposed to click the "Enter" button so many times.  And this right here is a wall of text which I've seen you make frequently.  So, you're in no position to talk.  As far as blah blah blah, diatribes. PaganSpace has 100s if not 1000s of threads that you are more than welcome to participate in.  Yet, you frequently participate in this one.  How many comments have you left already?  There is 3 comments from you on this page alone.  This is much more like being to blame for your own misery.  This would be like going to Japan, then complaining that everybody around you is speaking Japanese.  Don't like my threads.  Then here's an amazing idea.  Don't participate.  Don't like walls of text.  Don't read it.  I haven't bothered reading most of the comments here.  Out of this whole thread, I've only read 3 comments.  The interests is not a 2 way street. People are more interested in me than I am of them. Go figure. 

What cultist followers do I have? My youtube subscribers can think of themselves.  And it makes more sense than you are.  This would be like me complaining how much I dislike Cult of Dusty and leaving comments under all his youtube videos. When there are thousands of different youtubers to follow.  Please don't blame me for your misery. I can do nothing about it even if I wanted to or cared anything about it.  Blame yourself. 

Shawn, I ask you. Please stop using walls of text.  People learn to correct your sentence structure. You really should know better than to click the Enter button so many times. 

Also, I find this comment to be rather hypocritical given all the Anti-Trump threads here even ones that target Trump voters.  Like 100 Days of Trump.  Where Trump and his voters were called racist, sexist, misogynist, homophobe, transphobe, bigots.   Where were you exactly?  Where were to you say, "Let's not call all Trump supporters bigots."  Yeah.  You weren't there.  You started a new thread called "100 Days without talking about Trump."

So, you have no problem with all the liberal pagans calling Trump supports "racist, sexist, misogynist, homophobes, transphobes, racist, bigots"  because you've said nothing about those diatribes and that vitriol.   So, it's all hypocrisy.   And for for the violent assault of your consciousness.  I'll be willing to pay your doctor directly.  But I'll assume that he'll go, "Why do you continue to communicate with her like a moth to the flame?"   In the end, I do a much better job at ignoring others.  Than others are capable of doing a good job at ignoring me.   If you can't participate in the 100s of other threads.  Then that's merely your problem.  Not mine.  Have a nice way.  Or choose to have a bad one.  Choose to participate in all my threads and complain about all of them.  Funny thing is.  That's why one of my very good friends from here left PS for good.  He said, "Why choose to be negative? If there's a thread that you like and there's a thread that you hate. Why participate in the threads that you hate?" It was the same problem he had in MySpace.  There would be a thread "I Love Jesus."  And "I Love Satan."  And Christians would flock to "I Love Satan" to bitch, whine, and moan about how horrible, terrible, and rotten a person is for starting an "I Love Satan" thread.  It'll get 100s of comments.  While the "I Love Jesus" thread would be left collecting the dust.  Or when Starrfire had to ban people because they were Christians who created accounts to convert people and complain about how paganism is a sin and they should feel bad about themselves.  Starr pointed out that there are many Christian websites out there that they could join but conversion and proselytizing is against the rules here. 

If you have a problem with this thread an participate in it. I see it as no different than Christians who hate paganism and who in the past tried to come here to convert pagans and shame pagans for their path.  As there's nothing stopping you from participating in all the older threads.  Or merely creating a new one.  

But thank you for your consideration anyway.  Have a good time with your friend Spooky, Cofefe, Fuck You, or whatever he wants to call himself.  Being in a good mood is a choice. Being in a bad mood is a choice.  You're more than willing to participate and whine, bitch, and moan as much as you like.  I find it funny.  I mean, "You're a nasty person. This is a rude nasty thread. That I'm going to heavily participate in."  Fuck yeah, that's hilarious.  Your misery is your chose. And my happiness is my choice.  Didn't read most people comments b/c they were too long and I didn't give enough of a damn to learn about their opinions.  If they give a damn about my opinions, even if it's only to insult me.  That still makes me feel good.  My opinions is enough to effect your days.  Wow! And this is what I love about being a youtuber.  Haters are your biggest promoters.  Thanks to even the negative comments.  This thread  is the #1 Forum Post of the Week and constantly on the top of all paganspace. Even tho, I didn't read most of the comments.

One of the things that  I learned from both YouTube and Sin Jones is to let my haters do all the work for me.  I'm #1 without even trying.  Thank you.  Have a nice day. Or choose to have a bad day constantly complaining me. Really helps the thread out.  And I appreciate the promotion.  There's no such thing as bad publicity. 


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