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I did some looking online to see if there were any kind of surveys or somewhat accurate polls about Pagan friendly areas in the US? Im most specifically interested in New England. I have seen census type data with religious distribution, but theres always the "big ones" than "other". Just curious.

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That's a good question. The Coven I belong to was interviewed just recently before Halloween. The reporter told us that demographically we shouldn't exist in this part of Southern California (I live in what is called the Inland Empire, or Riverside County, which is north of San Diego). Anyway, our area is considered to be very conservative and republican. So the reporter was surprised to find small Pagan communities thriving. I don't think any demographic data exists on this subject. You may have to go through online Pagan communities and groups to get an idea of where Pagans may be centrally located. Living in California I know the northern part of the state, especially around the San Francisco Bay Area, has a large active Pagan community. Parts of the Pacific Northwest may also have active covens. I receive a newsletter periodically from a Dianic Group that is located in Wisconsin. Just research the Internet and start asking around. Hope this helps!
The "big" areas in New England are Salem, MA (duh!), Northampton, MA (the happy Valley), Brattleboro, VT.

Not to say that you wouldn't find folks in Boston and Portland but those are the out of way areas.

All anecdotal info...
Brattleboro Vermont is a great place to live. I live about a half hour away. People there don't care what you look like, who is your partner, your religion or if you where clothes or not. They had a wonderful little shop there called Kindred Spirits but sadley they closed. It's worth looking into.
Mystikal Summer Starr

I live about an hour and a half from brattleboro! I went to a shop there when I was in town that I think was called Brilliance? They have a lot of cool stuff. :) Probably not as good as Kindred Spirits but still an interesting store. And it's on the main road.

Here's the facebook page for it if anyone is interested.

Maine in particular Im interested in. There seems to be a lot of groups there and Maine seems to be a pretty laid back and accepting state overall.(other than the recent anti gay marriage vote). I liked Brattleboro the 2 times Ive driven through there! Had a good feel to it :)
I was just curious as to if there are any specific religious demographic censues/polls out there. I know a lot of Pagans may not participate in something like that, but there has to be SOME kind of data compiled out there, Id imagine. Right now, Im just going by the number of groups in towns Im looking into when I do a pagan search per town/geo area.
Niagara Falls NY is pretty tolerant. When the "Alternate Religions Club" at a local college got slandered "Satanists are meeting on campus"), churches & individuals in Niagara Falls rallied to support the Pagan founder of the club against the self-avowed "Christian whistle blower". Some of the ministers went on the record saying that Pagans have the right to worship, and apologizing for the actions of the anonymous "Christian".
New Hope, Pennsylvania is a pretty good area for Pagans.
And Jim Thorpe Pa as well!!. Beautiful lil towns. I grew up in N.E Pa (Wilkes Barre Area)
Seattle, WA is pagan friendly, but that's the other side of the country, I'm sorry. We do have a thriving pagan community here though. Seattle, Olympia, Redmond, Renton, Auburn, all pretty active. Ironically I still can't find a freakin' coven LOL.
Well, I'm actually from Ohio, USA but recently moved to WI. with my husband where his family is... but Akron, Ohio has tons of events publicly and can find friendly pagans everywhere there... Although, I'm from Salem, Ohio and that really isn't the case there*
St Louis is Pagan friendly.


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