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Some nights I hear a ringing noise in my earsand no it's not tinitus . I get this every other month. When I hear the ringing I try to sleep but every time Im about to enter them get this fear for my life and I can't move my body and I always hear this lady saying words I cannot understand. I gave in once and I woke up in my same bed but the vibe felt different and everything was greyish and cloudy. And when I wake up again. I gasp for air and I know that the other place is just as real as the physical world and i know I have spent just as much time in that place as in the physical realm. Is there anyone else who has been to the other side . Is there anyone who defeated the fear of death and fell asleep even if the ringing and the feeling of death was present?

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Often that is a 'Call' for you to be attentive - not to ignore..

There is a Spirit saying...I have used many times - "Silence doth toil it's Bell - and calls the Dead to awaken, but Deathe hears nothing - for their sleep will never be broken"...

You never mentioned the 'words' spoken - which may have been a help - nor have you mentioned the Times that this occurred - other than every other month.

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I do have tinnitus, but I've also experienced the ringing you've experienced. It is a different tone than tinnitus. The fear for my life and paralysis did not accompany the tone. We are probably experiencing different phenomena.

I have! Basically I have those experiences a lot- I am a psychic and sometimes I have to go throught this weird ritual where I calm down or review like a dozen entities that I have contacted to kind of put them to sleep like babies. They are really retarded and generally cant get their shit together. They say its because I don't have a perfect life- I am a struggling adult college student without a license:( I know where you are coming from.


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