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Well worth the watch, just sharing it... Not a big fan of him, but he earned my respect with this....

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And it's Russell* apparently, my mistake, lol.

Well it gave me a laugh. I don't think that church came off too well.


LMAO, the KKK protests the WBC.  That's rich.

Battle of the bigots

Pee wee edition

When the going gets weird, the weird go pro!

-Hunter S. Thompson

The way I approach a differing viewpoint when dealing with theological issues, is this:

I understand the underlying message

I may not always like the approach, but I understand it.

I may not always enjoy the zealous faith or beliefs of adherents, but I understand it.

The WBC is no different than any group of adherents that hold a theology as absolute truth. Comparatively, any group of believers really believe they have it right.  They may not always see the reasoning behind their beliefs, or the impositions they are in the habit of waving at others.  I think it's more fruitful to address the reaction than it is to address the attempt.

For example, if faced with Phelps who is telling me I'm a sinner as a bisexual, I agree.  According to his theology, I am in fact a sinner.  Ok?  Does this offend me? Nope.   If he tells me I'm going to burn in hell for all eternity for my sins, Ok?  That doesn't bother me either, why would it?  I'm not the person that believes such a place exists, or I am destined for such torment.  This really has to do with what 'he' believes, not what 'I' believe.  He can tell me this every day for the rest of my life, and I'd still feel the same way: So what.  This is the Microcosm of the issue.

The Macrocosm deals with how Phelps and his church affect culture.  The reality is, there are a great number of people that live in the U.S. that feel the same way. They revel against social issues such as same sex marriage and living in 'sin'.  Ok?  This just tells me that a majority opinion out numbers a minority opinion.  The minority would then have to get their shit together to make equal rights under the law a change that occurs in this nation.  The majority are well organized and heavily funded.  The minority grow in number all the time, and are backed with supporters.  As time goes on, this number will continue to grow.  Eventually, Equal Right under the Law will be made a reality but it takes time.  We just have to do the time.  Like anything else in this nation. It takes time, effort and a growing number of supporters to enact change.  Not much different than the civil rights movement, Women's Suffrage Movement, etc.  You follow?

The talk show is just another way to bring these issues into the thoughts and minds of others.  The more and more people that step up to address these issues directly, the more people are inclined to change their minds about social issues.  

FYI, my highest demographic when covering Satanism, Occult, Paganism and Social issues on my own pocast is Judeo-Christians.  Many contact me to tell me how my expressions and opinions have changed their minds about a lot of things.  The same thing goes with my writing.   And that's why I continue to do it.  

Can I get a big Amen for Sister SIN! Aaaaaaaaamen! Beliefs and their right to them aide, their behavior at funerals is cruel. Period. Cruel to the living. Those who have passed have already passed into God's care...the living are the ones suffering from the behavior. Pretty pathetic IMHO. Just sayin'...

My approach is similar to yours SIN...with most anything I don't agree with or believe. I just smile and nod and give em a great big "Thank yew" and they proceed on their way, leaving me cackling... My thoughts have most always been "Dear Jesus, please protect me from your followers."

Like I said, it's the reaction that keeps these people going.  Otherwise, they wouldn't keep doing it.

That was entertaining. It would've been more entertaining if he had brought on members of the Patriot Guard to talk to these guys.

That host handled everything brilliantly. If the WBC think Gandhi is going to hell then the rest of us are screwed anyhow. lol.


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