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Our 1st Annual Samhain/Halloween Bash!!
Looking for helpers.. (contact:
More Info added as we go..
OK we are setting up for Fri before to day after Halloween

October 26, 2018November 1, 2018

Already have large cleared area for party..
There are plenty of areas for rough camping!-tents an small campers..(free but would accept donations)
generators suggested..
Would love to have drummers or Pagan musicians..must donate their talents
Looking for High Priest/Priestess that would do a land/property Blessing or want to do a ceremony!!
All Pagan Artists welcome.. will have Craft Sale-if enough interest!! (we will advertise locally) bring your own tables/canopies etc (Contact me)

Any Pagan Musicians/Groups willing to donate their time an share their talents at our Samhain/Halloween Bash 2018??
Located in Bethel Springs, TN
Email me:

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Sounds like fun at a good location.

Hope it will be starting early so we can see who will come an grow from there!!

Good to see you :). Blessed be.

Hi Sweetie.. its been like a tornado ..the home site willl be closing-too many scripting problems with no help, more animals dropped off here.. getting ready for winter..such fun.. hope you will try to come to Bash.. Hugz

I wish I could come I will be there in spirit though :).  Ask around to see if you can get past the scripted problems and good luck.

Yeah they now want bunches of $ to I am moving things.. Hey you never know by next year you may have opportunity to come..if not will honor your spirit for sure!!

Who's High? 

Not us...still not legal here in TN

The planning is going well, the hunt for stuff is on.. looking for cement blocks/bricks to use for fire pits, needing tarps & ropes, tables, accepting decorations, need a few used grills for community cooking.. anyone wanting to participate in the Craft Faire please get in touch!! Would love to have a fortune teller available..

Yes we have space for tents an small campers!!! 15 acres of our own an 6 more available if needed for camping!!!

Generators needed, will post pics of area soon!!


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