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I've read & heard all types of ways to pronounce Samhain. From "Sow-in" to "Sahm-hayn". What is the proper pronunciation? I've been saying "Sow-wen" after hearing it from an audio dictionary.



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I pronounce it "Sow (as in "Cow") -en (as in "in")...but that's just me :)
go to tons of awesomely "wrecked" cakes there :P
hahaha great story!
I sometimes slip and say sam-hain, but i always get corrected by other witches.. therefore i try to say it properly.
Omg I love the baker story :) sow In is how we say it
"Sah-ven", but with a soft "v".
I heard a guy yesterday say Sam- Hain but I know damn well it's pronounced Sow En...
I pronounce it as: Sow-an
So-wen for me
Are there any native Gaelic (Scots or Irish) speakers on here, I wonder?
Sow-when for me... and it bugs me when people say Hollow-een because the A is not an O (or am I not getting the slam for All Hallows Eve?) Sorry, it's just the ol' teacher coming out.
Americans pronounce the a like an o in Hallowe'en?


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