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I wonder has anyone read Janis Fry`s book `The God Tree`?

Its inspirational in its search for locations where the mythical `Golden Bough` exists in reality (not the Druidic Mistletoe), its healing properties and origins, and why it has come to be known as `The God Tree`, and is commonly known to us as the Yew.

After reading the book a few years ago now, I began a search for those `God Trees` in the UK, to see if the book was a whimsy, or something worth serious study and consideration, its been a long journey so far, but with interesting results.

Has anyone else here undertaken a similar journey, and if so, what have you found from the trees that you have found,visited and had recorded?

Our small coven utilised a couple of ancient Yew trees for our gathering grove/circle space, with interesting results over the years, and we gt to be known as the `Yew Folk`, or `People of the Yew `.

I have found a couple of the `God Trees`in the book, and located a couple more and had them recorded by the author, and at present a cutting from one of them is growing in a pot in our garden, the question of where we plant it for future generations to find and use, without being disturbed by developments of man, is yet to be determined.

Sprigs of the `Golden Bough` have been obtained for each member of the coven, and for healing use of those we have been made aware of a need for healing.

Thanks for looking.

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I like the futhark :)

Thank you for the comprehensive identification of the Runes Midrash:)

Who , here is the "normal" order of the twenty four rune system :

This is the one commonly used by the Norse / German traditions ,

and the order used by my Tradition , when we work with the 24...


What Midrash has posted looks like someone's

attempt to link the Runic and Obri / Hebrew ,

yet as I say , has many incorrect attributions


After studying and teaching this over 23 years ,

I can say that with certainty


The sheet illustration just does not make sense


I am saying that , not out of disrespect , yet knowledge


I welcome Midrash's response


( I would be extremely interested if this were an actual

tradition , and not something invented by someone ,

or found in some amateur's book on the market )


Can you clarify , Midrash ?

Thanks !

My appreciation for clarification and input Shawn:)

Actually , there are *many* mistakes , and incorrect correspondences there , Midrash...

( and yes , I have noticed you , and your blogs , and your version of Qabalah )

I would have to ask you where you got that information...

By the way , in the 29 + 1 system , ( the women of earth system , ie : Wietches )

the word Futhark is composed of a separate "T" and "H" , not using the rune we

know as "D'hoarnn" , you know as "Thurisaz"...which , as ours is from the time

long before those called Aesir , is far older...( Ice Giants / Jotunn )

Going up left hand column , by letter values :

F - U - T - H - A - R - K , then the top one is pronounced "Os" ,

and means head...and as we , from the "Cult Of The Dead"

taught , it was when we removed the head , we prevented

one from coming back , or being an "Immortal"...

There is a very good reason , wolf is my ally , Fenris my inner

Spirit , and Odin , a usurper of Freya's knowledge...

I could show you how the Obri / Hebrew Tree , folds into a throne ,

and the twenty four runes are inscribed on the three pillars , then

show you another version of our tree design , which looks like the

old pre - Ezra Samekh , which was the old staff of the one who sits

on the throne...

As one of our arrangements of the twenty nine plus one runes , by

gematria , adds to "I Am The Imperial Dragon ShemShawn" , and the

arrangement of runes across from it : "Heaven Is My Throne Earth Is

My Foostool" ;

Which I have stated in ritual many times...( over *many* lifetimes )...

Nice to make your acquaintance...;)

I see they're keeping you busy Shawn. All of it is so interesting to read :)

Heya , Helela...

Good to see you , on this "side"...;)

Yeah , here , another site , and ITD...

All have questions , need for info , or some just like to !

It's nice to know there are a few times I might be needed , even

if at that time , or by some , I am not what one could call loved...LOL !

And , as you see , there are some good conversations here...

Let alone some down and dirty debates...of course...:)


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