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Lately I have been seeing spiders everywhere. They scare the living daylights out of me. I was wondering if seeing spiders lately, have a meaning? I know that my totem animal is the Raven, but is it possible to have two totem animals. Also is it possible to have totem animal that you are scared of?

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it may not be you totem animal as mucha s it could be an animal spirit trying to tell you something


Spiders are very delicate creatures that play an important role in the myths and lore of many peoples as the teacher of balance between the past and future, the physical and spiritual.

To the Native Americans, Spider is Grandmother, the link to the past and future. In India it's associated with Maya, the weaver of illusions.

With its gentle strength, Spider spins together the threads of life with intricate webs.

Spider knows that the past affects the future and vise versa. It calls us to make use of our creativity and weave our dreams into our destiny.

For many Native Americans, "spider woman" stories are important creation mythologies. One of the common feature of those are wisdom symbolized with spiders' webs (for example, she taught the human how to weave). Also generally accepted are the ideas that her "thread" connects the human world and the world of spirits or the "above world" and the "below world". Spider Woman also weaves the "relationship" of the Web of Life and all beings.

It is spring time.... and about that time for the hatchlings to come out of hiding....

not to say the concept of the totem applied to it is wrong, but it is that time of year

Seeing Spiders All The Time. What Does This Signify?


That it's spring?

it means good luck....


also, the spider is a symbol of infinity. It has 8 legs, 8 eyes, its body is in the shape of an 8...and an 8 on its side is the symbol of infinity lol so many 8's

Yes, it is possible to have more than one totem.  They usually serve for different areas of your life.  When I realized crow was one of my totems, I freak a little.  Crows scared me at the time. 


I think discovering what Spider means as an omen might depend on your current situation.  For example, I am dedicated to Athena so having Spider get my attention would be an honor, perhaps a message is on its way from the Universe.  Perhaps one of the weaving deities is trying to get your attention to be your patron?  Another example would be the web symbology.  Are you currently trying to make a home or catch a mate?  I would take Spider to be a good omen for those situations.  Perhaps you are trying to end a relationship.  If the spiders you are seeing are the poisonous kind, I would take that as a good omen that the end is near.  Spider could also represent that now is a time to save and store for days of need coming up in your life.  Otherwise, I like the suggestions of Whittaker Crow and Cronos Fireraven for your contemplation.

I think the little buggers have a sense that tells them when someone is afraid of them, and they gravitate toward that person. I too am terrified of them and see them all the time. I also notice that when I am really really over tired I see them out of the corner of my eye when they aren't really there. :(


Well , for once , at least , I agree with Auriela...


If you are in northern hemisphere...


However , by gematria :


Spider = 391


Portal = 391


And is related to parallel dimensions ,

in my Tradition...


A spiderweb , holds open a portal , for one

to move back and forth... someone else mentioned...


The Web Of Weyyrd...( my Tradition's spelling )


And , if you check further..."First Language"...


( I know this well , as I teach it )...:)

what other words fall under that number?
In astrology, creeping things, low to the ground, are ruled by Saturn. Spiders would fall into that category, though I know of no current transit that would go with their proliferation. Flies are connected to Scorpio (death and corruption) and I noticed a lot of flies around a few days ago when the Moon was in Scorpio. (Best stick to the spring hypothesis.)

I too am very afraid of spiders... and yes when spiders or any animal crosses your path frequently they may be trying to give you a message- it doesn't necessarily mean they are a totem animal for you though i do believe it is possible to have more than 1- but they may be trying to send you a message just the same. There is a really good book I refer to regularly in these situations called animal speak.


it is also that time of year for the spiders to come out of hiding...but that doesn't mean they don't have a message for you-


I was bitten by a wood spider in Italy. It lived in a hole in the wall by my bed and I thought, "Live and let live." But I woke up one day with a swollen hand - so much for fraternal living!

While it may just be spring and all the little spider hatchlings are running amok or maybe you have particularly juicy flies, there is also the possiblity you've been cursed by a Dark Witch or Wizard. Best way to tell is whether or not the Spiders are all crawling towards you and if they are moving in threes. If not, it's more likely than not, nothing, but if so, you aught to prepair a Witch's bottle (Three nails, Three needles, and Three pins, placed in a bottle, filled 3/4 with sand and add 3 drops of blood, seal it and burry it under your hearth or as close to your home as possible). That should help.


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