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Please visit the Sekhmet Temple Channel on You Tube

We hope that this will become fundraiser for the Temple. The channel needs 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours viewed in a 12 month period to qualify for advertising revenue from You Tube. We need your help to reach these goals. Please visit the Channel, Watch the videos (repeatedly if you can), Subscribe, and Share We currently have a virtual tour of the Temple Grounds, a description of the role and duties of the Priestess, and two rituals posted; Imbolc and the recent Snow Moon. We plan to post more Priestess monologues and Goddess cookery segments as well as the future Full Moon and Sabbat rituals When you Subscribe be sure to enable notifications so that you will be aware of all new content.

Thank you for your Support

The Sekhmet Temple Council 

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Thank you for inviting us into your ritual space. I hope you get the funding you need to maintain the temple area.


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