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If you practice "magick" then maybe you can help me to understand. Too many times Ive had this question and the same response I get is "magick is as real as your belief in it" or "things are only real if you believe they are." To me, that means that magick is not real.  Let me explain. 


"well i dont believe that's true."  regardless to whether or not I give it power with my "beliefs" 2+2 is gonna equal 4.  No matter how much i think so or dont think so.  Its a fact.  Why is magick not a fact, and just a belief? if its really real, why does it only work when you think it will? To me, thats not valid enough.  If its really as real as practitioners claim it to be, then it should work whether I believe in it or not, you know? If i wanna cast a spell, my beliefs about it shouldnt matter. If its real, its gonna work.  "i dont believe cell phones can call people." give that person a phone and have them dial out lol its gonna work.  I know these are cheesy and simple metaphors lol but i hope you get what Im saying.  So can anyone explain this to me? because at some point i was really interested in "magick" but if my "belief" is the only thing that will give it power its useless to me.  I want to b turned into a believer. and if i dont believe then its powerless.  Well how does that help me to believe if i cant just see it for myself? mixing herbs and oils wont work unless you think so....well then that means it doesnt work.  

Someone please elaborate without judging my ignorance (as that will obviously be what it is to a "believer.")  I would like to be persuaded otherwise.  

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CHOICES are lovely.......

The point of spells, incantations, mixing herbs and oils, and such is to focus intent.  The mere doing of the this or that without that intent and its power is like trying to start a fire without oxygen.  It is not "belief," but something involving much greater commitment.

I would agree with your statement.......belief is one of the pieces

INDEED!! Have a lovely eve m!!


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