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This easy dream spell is meant to help the spell-caster access their deepest intuition through their dreams and get answers and solutions about problems and worries in their life. With this spell your consciousness will widen for the night and you’ll see what you seek in your dreams. It’s good for repeated usage as it’s really easy to perform again after setting up what you need To make this easy spell you just need:

A dream catcher

A white candle A piece of paper or journa

l A red pen

Lavender (preferably oil, but dried or fresh flowers work too)

Chamomile tea

Performing the dream spell: For this spell to work you need to set the dream catcher scented with lavender (oil is recommended for this because of practicality) above your bed for a 2 or 3 days before you start performing the actual spell.

On the day you perform this spell, firstly you’ll need to scent your pillow with lavender and carve your name into the white candle.

Don’t remove the dream catcher from above your bed. You the need to drink chamomile tea to help you relax and get more in touch with your inner self, while you reflect deeply on what’s troubling you or what you seek to learn about yourself.

Try to leave a strong impression of the topic in your mind and to stay in a serene state. Take a small piece of paper and write what you seek on it with the red pen

. Light the candle and recite the following incantation before burning the piece of paper:

With this spell I turn to myself, I Iook in the mirror for the answers I need. In my dreams what I’m seeking I’ll find and in peaceful sleep my troubles will melt down. Blessings to the Gods that will show me the path, I call for your guidance now.

You can then burn the piece of paper in the white candle, and after it consumes itself, say your name, blow the flame out and go to sleep.

You should then have enlightening dreams about what you were trying to figure out or solve that night. All the answers will come from yourself and more often than not in the form of symbolism. For this dream spell to work more efficiently we recommend you keep a dream journal and analyze your own dreams in the context of your life. Your intuition will guide you. Best of luck to you in finding answers within yourself!

Nice spell.



Poppet to stop gossip

Using black felt, a needle and thread, and stuffing, make a simple poppet to represent the offender. Cut a slit into the fabric for a mouth and stuff it well with slippery elm. Sew the mouth shut with a six-stranded piece of purple embroidery floss. As you sew, say:

‘Your mouth is closed. You cannot speak
To gossip, slander, or havoc wreak.
Your mouth stay shut, but only ’til
It speaks of friendship and good will.’

Place the poppet in a box. Stuff the box with paper to force the poppet’s face into a corner. Leaving the poppet as such removes the offender’s urge to gossip.

AHH, yes, one of my all time favs

don't know why the text copies as such, but who cares!

The Charm of the Stones Consecrated to Diana

To find a stone with a hole in it is a special sign of the favour of Diana. He who does so shall take it in his hand and repeat the following, having observed the ceremony as enjoined:-

Scongiurazione della pietra bucata.

Una pietra bucata
L'ho trovato;
Ne ringrazio il destin,
E lo spirito che su questa via
Mi ha portata,
Che passa essere il mio bene,
E la mia buona fortuna!

Mi alzo la mattina al alba,
E a passegio me ne vo
Nelle valli, monti e campi,
La fortuna cercarvo
Della ruta e la verbena,
Quello so porta fortuna
Me lo tengo in senno chiuso
E saperlo nessuno no le deve,
E cosi cio che commendo,
La verbena far
ben per me!
Benedica quella strege!
Quella fàta che mi segna!"

Diana fu quella
Che mi venne la notte in sogno
E nu disse: "Se tu voir tener,
Le cattive persone da te lontano,
Devi tenere sempre ruta con te,
Sempre ruta con te e verbena!"

Diana, tu che siei la regina
Del cielo e della terra e dell'inferno,
E siei la prottetrice degli infelici,
Dei ladri, degli assassini, e anche
Di donne di mali affari se hai conosciuto,
Che non sia stato l'indole cattivo
Delle persone, tu
Diana il hai fatti tutti felici!

Una altra volta ti scongiuro
Che tu non abbia ne pace ne bene,
Tu possa essere sempre in mezzo alle pene,
Fino che la grazia che to ti chiedo
Non mi farai!

Invocation to the Holy-Stone.[1]

I have found
A holy-stone upon the ground.
O Fate! I thank thee for the happy find,
Also the spirit who upon this road
Hath given it to me;
And may it prove to be for my true good
And my good fortune!

I rise in the morning by the earliest dawn,
And I go forth to walk through (pleasant) vales,
All in the mountains or the meadows fair,
Seeking for luck while onward still I roam,
Seeking for rue and vervain scented sweet,
Because they bring good fortune unto all.
I keep them safely guarded in my bosom,
That none may know it-'tis a secret thing,
And sacred too, and thus I speak the spell:
"O vervain! ever be a benefit,
And may thy blessing be upon the witch
Or on the fairy who did give thee to me!"

It was Diana who did come to me,
All in the night in a dream, and said to me:
"If thou would'st keep all evil folk afar,
Then ever keep the vervain and the rue
Safely beside thee!"

[1. Properly, the stone with a hole in it. But such a stone is called holy on shipboard, and here it has really a claim to the name.]

Great Diana! thou
Who art the queen of heaven and of earth,
And of the infernal lands-yea, thou who art
Protectress of all men unfortunate,
Of thieves and murderers, and of women too
Who lead an evil life, and yet hast known
That their nature was not evil, thou, Diana,
Hast still conferred on them some joy in life.[1]

Or I may truly at another time
So conjure thee that thou shalt have no peace
Or happiness, for thou shalt ever be
In suffering until thou grantest that
Which I require in strictest faith from thee!

[Here we have again the threatening the deity, just as in Eskimo or other Shamanism, which represents the rudest primitive form of conjuring, the spirits are menaced. A trace of this is to be found among rude Roman Catholics. Thus when St. Bruno, some years ago, at a town in the Romagna, did not listen to the prayers of his devotees for rain, they stuck his image in the mud of the river, head downwards. A rain speedily followed, and the saint was restored in honour to his place in the church.]

[1. This is an obscure passage, but I believe that I have given it as the poet ineant or felt it.]

great thanks


This powerful sleeping spell is perfect if you haven’t been getting quality sleep lately. It helps get satisfying, restful sleep filled with pleasant dreams – even if you only have a few hours left before it’s time to rise and shine. In addition, this spell promotes healing and rejuvenation, and is very effective to battle illness and restore your inner strength. Print these directions and place them next to your bed, on your bedside table or under the mattress, and you will always have access to this healing spell for restful sleep.

You will need: Lavender sprigs

Smoky quartz

A blank piece of parchment

Lavender sprigs can be fresh or dried

Lavender sprigs can be fresh or dried

. Smoky quartz is known as “the dream stone” in many different cultures due to its calming, grounding energy. In addition, its detoxifying properties help the body heal itself while resting.

If necessary, you can substitute the parchment for plain blank paper, but some report it can interfere with the spell, so we cannot fully recommend that.

Casting the spell to help you sleep:

Preparing your bedroom enhances the effects of the spell. Fresh, crisp bedsheets, dim lights and quietness will help you focus on the spell and fall asleep quicker.

Sit on your bed comfortably holding a piece of smoky quartz (do not sit on the pillow you’ll be resting your head on whilst sleeping). For a few minutes, focus on the grounding energy of the stone, letting go of all troubling thoughts. Once you feel calm and grounded enough, close your eyes and chant the following three times as you hold the stone in your right hand and flick your wrist in slow clockwise circles:

The moon is up, I hold its piece, the silver dust will guard my peace”

Once you’re finished, wrap the stone and the lavender sprigs in the piece of parchment and place it next to your bed.

As with all spells, practising is very important – so don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t work straight away. It can take up to three nights to fully master but give it your all – and you will get to enjoy the most restful sleep in your life.

I don't know if it's technically a spell but this is the strongest defensive energy spell I use, I've used it for everything from nightmares to dark entities basically once it's cast nothing negative can cross it:
You can cast whenever but nighttime makes it stronger, using any light colored candle form the outline of the area to be protected whether a bed or a room etc., Then sit in the middle comfortably clear your mind off everything but what you want to protect and from what. Then breath in deep breaths drawing energy from your feet, let the air out through your mouth and "push" towards the boundaries... The more you do this the more peaceful your area becomes and generally the brighter the candles get, if you have the gift you should be able to see your "bubble" of energy... WARNING this will make you light-headed and tired the energy has to come from somewhere and this one uses your own body's energy. But if you practice with dark entities or are haunted by them, or have especially bad nightmares this is the best defense I've ever come across.

this is great

awesome one I like it


What you need:

5 old pennies
5 dimes
5 quarters (or, five each of three denominations of your country's coin currency, if outside the United States)
5 kernels of dried corn
5 sesame seeds
5 cinnamon sticks
5 cloves
5 whole allspice
5 pecans

Place each item into a thin, tall bottle, such as a spice bottle. Cap it tightly. Shake the bottle with your receptive hand (the one you do not write with) for 5 minutes while chanting these or similar words:

'Herbs and silver, Copper and grain; Work to increase my money gain'

Place the money spell bottle on a table somewhere in your house. Leave your purse, pocketbook, wallet and/or checkbook near the bottle when at home. Allow money to come into your life. It is done.


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