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Just like the title says, what are some stereotypes you hear from other pagans?

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Don't do (this) or you'll get it back threefold

Yeah, reminds me of "don't do that or you'll go to Hell!".


Which leads to the classic, "I'm not wiccan, wiccans may be witches but not all witches are wiccan"

Do you *really* think they are just comparing fingers ?

And God Chases Mailmen Because Someone Told Him The Check Is In The Mail

They just had it backwards, my dog is bigger than your dog and chases mailmen

Dyslexic theists? lol

Lexdysic Deists with gematriac purrmutation disability...

When called on it , they go CATatonic...;)

*facepalm* lol

Online , on a Pagan website ?

What I say to some of them ?

"Haven't I "seen" you before , posting under another name" ?

( I have seen the shitstirrers do this way too many times )

( then they delete their post and disappear )

"what are some stereo types you hear from other pagans?"

After installing elemental quadrophonic , I don't hear in stereo...

I hear in four part pagan harmony , or I turn off the system...;)

HA! Thanks XD


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