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Just like the title says, what are some stereotypes you hear from other pagans?

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I almost spit my coffee (or is it covfefe?) all over my keyboard when you mentioned Alex Jones "Gay Frogs" OMG!  ha ha! Thanks for that.

An odd paradox in the Pagan community that it seems that being to practical is cause for offense and being too well read is also an offense. Was in a hedge group that focus on practicality and simplicity and often ran into turned up noses at Pagan gatherings. I am also a Thelemite and active with the OTO and am familiar with both the standard Crowleyphobia at such gatherings, but also have received friction simply because I might have studied a bit. Had I been trying to establish myself as some kind of authority I would not be annoyed. Usually the only way I could continue the conversation without offending the other party I would have to lie. In both examples I am viewed as an outsider to Paganism when I have considered myself Pagan for decades. Life is hard.

Study and Practice... That is the only true recipe for doing real magick in this world.  I believe you are experiencing the fear that most people have when they get called on their beliefs and know deep down, they do not have the practice and study they need to affect anything.  Because you do, you are a unconscious threat to them.

You see this in all walks of life.  People turn their nose up at the grungy mechanic, or welder, or plumber... but what they do not know is good mechanics, welders, and plumbers make six figure incomes these days.  Because the good ones Study, and Practice.

Seek out those who also believe in Study and Practice. After all, you probably really want to hang with those who will make you better at your own practice...

When you talk about your path and it involves multiple religions;

"Oh, honey, it's all the same." No it's not all the same.

"Two million witches burned!" [followed by some political jargon.]

I don't have an exact quote, but when Neo-Wiccans think that Wicca owns witchcraft so everyone in witchcraft, even those merely accused during the "Burning Times", is representative of their religion. No matter how ancient and far removed from the modern world it is.

"We [witches] have nothing to do with Satan!" Give it a rest, will yah? Satanic panic is not even a thing anymore. No one cares. And yeah this does get said to other pagans, specifically the left-hand path ones.

"Karma [or three-fold law] will get you!" Pfft. Take your Western idea of karma and stuff it.

"Real Witches (trademark symbol) don't curse!" Well, fuck that then.


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