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Should I dig into this stone mound I found in the woods?

There’s a forest I’ve hiked 3 times a week for 20 years. 

A few years ago I had a long thread on PaganSpace about the things I’ve seen in these woods, and it’s history, the things I’ve found in these woods via dreams, etc.  I ended up posting too much info, including maps, and old aerial photos and began revealing the location in too much detail, so I removed the thread.


Fastforward to a couple days ago.  Through dreams I was lead to a part of the woods I’ve never been in, and there I found this mound.  It is about 10 feet high and 15 feet round at the base.  It is made of stone and earth for the first 5 feet or so, and then higher up is made of stone and cement, and is capped with a cement dome 3 feet across and 18” high.


It is on a the top of a steep slope and would not have been a well or a place to store grain or vegetables. From what I know of the area I believe it may have initially had spiritual significance, maybe for millennia, and then someone in the past couple hundred years capped it with stone and cement.


I’d like to try to open a hole in the side of it and see what’s in there.


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It's in Massachusetts, USA.

There are some interesting 'rock piles' in these woods.  One is of a turtle, with it's head facing southwest which strongly suggests Native People's work.  There are remains of a 9 thousand year old village site within a mile from this spot, and there's an ancient grinding stone (photo) very close by.

What is a spirit mound?


It's in the woods on public land

Thanks Magister.

If 'preppers' built it, it was decades or centuries ago and think they'd be gone now...

I honestly would be have no idea what it actually could have to do with some sort of cultural spirituality, in which disturbing it would be disrespectful, but it could be nothing more than a rock mound from some sort of old construction. Approach with caution, you know what curiosity did to the cat.

I agree with you. 

I must say, I'm getting an odd feeling about this.

When I broke the seal on that cement cap I smelled a strange, foul air and began to regret opening it.  I packed up and left right away, and right now I have no desire top go back there any time soon.

Three letters one word TNT

If there are other native structures in the area, then I would hazard that it's some sort of burial mound. I know we have them here in the Midwest. I would check the local history, if it is native, the local community would probably like to know about it.

As for digging into it... if it's on state or nationally owned property, doing anything to it would be illegal. If it's on private property, then you would need the permission of the owners before digging in to it.

It's interesting, let me know what, if anything, you find out.

Excellent advice!! Somethings are not meant to be disturbed,even if we legally can......also

The ancients did not have cement.  

You might be looking at some sort of hunter's blind.

Let me be more specific.  The ancients in the New World did not have cement.

Romans had cement and were in cement in the new world that we know of.


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