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Does anyone know what this is? It flashed before me while meditating. In the circle boarders was writing. I think it was hebrew but not sure. Thanks in advance.

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What does the sigil look like? Could you draw it and post it?
Should be an attachment with the post

Doesn't show up on the mobile app at all.

No it doesn't. You have to switch to desktop view on your phone in order to see it.
You'll have to switch to desktop view to open it

Check here for a start...

It is a form of pentacle...

This is a symbol of you done in a Kabbalah form. The two concentric circles are your life circles, the Sun and the Moon. The inner symbol is your number, or your age if you wanted to use esoteric Kabbalah. Noah lived to be 950, right now you are 369. Noah didn’t live to be 950 human years. That 950 represents the type of person he was at death. You are not 369, you are a 369-type person. The Hebrew you saw written in the concentric circles, that is your life story.

What exactly is a 950 or a 369 person? Is that soul age?

No, not soul age. It represents who you are body, mind, and soul.

I've not studied kabbalah but I'll look into this for sure

I could be wrong , however I do not believe that is Kabbalah ,

Qabalah , ( true Hebrew spelling ) , or any other variant Enigma

is working with , yet a form of Pythagorean mathematics , as


There was a book on this many years ago , called "The Divine Triangle"...

I'll try to find and read it. I know this pentacle somehow, someway. It feels really personal to me. I'm open to any suggestion and won't quit til I have answers.


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