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Does anyone know what this is? It flashed before me while meditating. In the circle boarders was writing. I think it was hebrew but not sure. Thanks in advance.

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@Shawn Blackwolf: I've read the lesser and greater keys of Solomon. I've seen some similarities. Am I correct in assuming that your thoughts are that it's a magical sigil to call forth and hold a particular demon as Solomon did with his? Makes sense.

That I would not assume , at least not without more info , Scott...

However , I have received highly complex sigils in my years of

occult study , practice and adeptship in my Tradition...

I would keep researching sigils , while asking for another viewing of

your sigil , from your own neural network , or whoever imprinted

the sigil upon your consciousness...( some would say "same thing" )

Keep pad and paper by your bedside , while you sleep and dream...

Try to get a better look at the letters , or glyphs , going around the

boundary , and record them...

Do consider not all pentacles are for binding , by far...

However , if you have been "playing around with demons" , and thus

say that suggestion you posited has validity , then you got your answer...

( *Maybe* , as Robert Anton Wilson , would say )...;)

No. Nothing like playing with demons. The evidence I've seen and the strong feeling I get is that there's some witchery or demonic things at play with my brother. I was continplating on how to help him and had thought of what Solomon had done. When letting go of all my thoughts and meditated, that symbol appeared before me. I'm definitely going to keep searching until I get answers.

"The evidence I've seen and the strong feeling I get is that there's some witchery or demonic things at play with my brother."

I'm not asking for specifics that would give the identity of your brother, but, what kind of evidence?

Well, he's done an over night flip from normal to disowning his family, being super mean, and his eyes are hollow. His whole demeanor has changed. Almost like a possession. I've done exorcisms and have saw demonic possession and its almost like that. He's chose his wife and her son over his own kids. My brother would have never done that. His kids were important to him. Other than that, its just feelings and intuitions I get (empathic).

Morning. IMO I feel you are over thinking this. You wanted to get help for your brother, and you were given the answer from your higher self, I feel like you need to ask your Higher self for the intuition to use it correctly. Just sayin :) Good luck! Let us know how it goes.

LaLuna, it's not my intension to over think this if I am. If this pentacle already exists, I want to know as much about it and what it does as I can. If it does not, then I need to do a lot of seeking and praying to find out. Thank you for your thoughts. Now that you've brought it to my attention, I can guard against over thinking.

Scott , by the end of the day , I shall post an answer...

I spent time , late last night , working on this...

One thing I specialize in is symbology...

And it is a shield , yet may have been used

as a pentacle for something else later...;)

Coffee and hot chocolate time !

Thank you Shawn
Whenever you get a minute, I have another that came in a dream a while back I'd like to get your input on as well if you don't mind.

I shall do my best , Scott...

I do always ask people to realize I only type with one

finger , so a post can take up to an hour for me , if it is extended...;)

( and many , like this one will be , )

Back in a minute...going to draw out some components of the pentacle ,

shield , or sigil , as various names this may be called...

Perhaps Barry will be so kind , as to let me answer your question , with

out would most certainly help...;)

Take all the time you need and thank you again for your help.


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