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I have always been taught the following signs to know if the devil is near you..

Crickets buzzing or startling unusually

Snakes or frogs jumping away from your feet

I just spent an extensive time on the internet trying to find articles on it and came up empty. Do you - the pagan community concur with these or do you know other wise.

I did find a general article on omens that had some I had never heard of here are some examples

Horse. Piebald is a good omen. But if you see its tail first, then bad luck will befall a friend.This omen probably started because someone stood behind the horse and got kicked.

Pig. A bad omen. Especially if you meet one immediately after getting married.

Mouse. A white or brown mouse is good luck, especially in love. A grey one however is said to bring bad luck.

- story on that. I once saw a mouse appear out of nowhere and run around my house - grey and then an article on Anton LAveys church of Satan appeared on MY internet..

Funny how true some of these are

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What is the Devil but the Spirit of Nature?

I agree.

Are these Christian folk superstitions?

The Lord is thy Shepherd, Nature is thy Mother. Our Heavenly Father is da Grand Creator of us ALL! IJNIPA76 ble$$ed be...
The Devil is part of the Christian pantheon. Wiccans, Heathens and most pagans in general do not believe in him. Eternal damnation doesn't fit in my worldview.

Theoretically, pagans would answer you only have to worry about those signs if you're a Christian.  Those animals mean something completely different to pagans.

Image result for images of the devil in hell

If you don't believe it, ask her!

Don't believe it yet?

Image result for images of the devil in hell

Image result for images of the devil in hell

Image result for images of the devil in hell

Image result for images of the devil in hell

Eternal damnation, bring it on!

ROFLMAO.........that last one is the best.

It only has something to do with christianity, if you think it does. And that would be YOUR opinion. However, the Christians were not completely wrong about this, they just misunderstand it. If you are not on the path, the same way the typical uninformed neo pagan misunderstands it, then you simply misunderstand.

Other than that, "belief" is an open playing field, so believe what you want to believe.

no offense to me, but yes, your comment is simply absurd

just a casual observation....

So if you actually saw a snake fall from your foot what would you say that meant. Very curious to here.


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