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Similarities between the toltec naguales and the hindu and bhuddist beliefs and views

I am a practitioner of a ancient toltec path of sorcerey.
And i have my fare share of tonal and nagual experiences and encounters
To say. "Why is a ancient path of sorcerey from Mexico so similar to these 2 religions in india the hindu and bhuddist? ??

And im not talking about just similarities in the teachings But in the nagual/spiritual Aspects some experiences are the same.

What connection do people of india and mexica indians have?

What do the mexican indians , people of india,and the Phoenician's share in comman?

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There was trade between the Chinese and Azteca before Columbus "discovered" America. When people trade, they often exchange ideas as well.

Um, what.

My statement was above of what is evidenced. There is some debate and evidence of the Chinese coming to America before Columbus. If so, ideas could've been exchanged.

I think I heard a little about it, but it sounds doubtful given the nature of the natives not having any immunity to sicknesses. (The Chinese would have spread them, I suppose. And syphilis would have been in China before Europe, probably.)

Even weirder is the fetch in Nordic culture and the magical concepts are the same as Aztec, with different cultural terms. A friend and I exchanged notes on it. 

The logical explanation is that people come up with similar ideas, coincidentally, in cultures that have no contact with each other. Especially if it is shamanistic.

The Norse aren't that far from Siberia. Contact was likely.
It would be too far apart however. Like 20,000 years ago. The Aztec empire onlt crumbled 500 years ago.

Yeah, I was just thinking aloud about contact between Norse and Siberia. I believe neither had contact with the Aztec.

I could see though, that the Siberia-Nordic thing happening and the Aztec thing being remnants of it. But I would need more evidence to be less skeptical, it's a bit of a stretch. Just saying it's plausible, however.

So what it would likely be is a common ancestor or messenger. so not of the Aztec or or the the Nordic but a culture or cultures preceding them. if there's a connection that's where it would be.

This, pretty much.

Exactly. .. I been told stories of a time where the 4 great races of man lived together . blacks,whites,yellow and reds/bronze
... I dont want to be trolled but i even heard stories of a 5th race . the blues


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