Usually when I sit with an encounter or something I've seen during deep meditation, it becomes clear. Some things, however, remain as clear as mud. Several months ago, my chronic pain became so severe I was crying, nothing was helping, so I entered as deep a state of meditation as I could and begged for help, something I do not usually do. Almost immediately two very small pink glowing hands appeared and started rubbing over the places I hurt, starting with the places I hurt the most. This went on for about 20 minutes, then they faded away. By that point my pain was greatly reduced, and I was able to sleep. I sent out a very heartfelt thank you, but I had no clue who or what I was thanking. I have never felt that presence again. Does anyone have any thoughts as to who or what this presence was? I would like to give my thanks more specifically. I also have an interest in healing, so I am in general very curious.

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She is not normally considered a Goddess , or Deity

of healing , per se...however , given your circumstance

you described , the small pink hands , and the compassion

exhibited , as well the answer I received when I asked my

Faery friends :

Quan Yin , also known as Guanyin...

She is who came to mind immediately for me as well, but I think I agree that I was looking at this from the wrong angle. It was less a healing experience and more of a calming and relaxing experience. Much of my pain stems from tension I hold after years of trauma. So from that angle, it makes much more sense that she was the one. Although still odd for me, I usually only have contact with kemetic sun deities. I'll make sure to offer her specifically gratitude.

Well , on that note of Khemetic Sun Deities...

( It was originally Khem )

A gift for healing further...

See this is what happens when I respond while extremely tired, knew it didn't look right but at least it was close enough for government work. And yes I am well aware of Bastet or Bast, she calls to me from time to time when I need to know things or remember her more in my actions. But she has called to me all my life, and in a past life as well.

It was an aspect of your unconscious.

I'm going to respond to both this and the message you sent me here. The time I have taken to reply is not that I found your comment unworthy of response, simply that it took more time to respond to. My immediate instinct was to respond that I was quite sure that was not the case, but I decided to sit with that thought, and the experience, and see if that was truly what I believed to be the case or not and why. My thoughts are this, I have had to, for longer than someone my age should need, look deep within myself and learn myself inside out. I know my energy, I know myself, and while I understand there are many places within myself I have yet to discover that will likely take my entire lifetime, I am completely certain of my limits as they exist now. For years, my life has been dependent on this knowledge. I know that at that precise moment in time, I was tapped almost completely dry. I had enough to maintain a sporadic connection with this energy, but no more. 

In many other situations, I do look inward to see if the energy or knowledge came from within. I do a lot of meditation and interpretation of my dreams, and I would wager that more often than people think the energy or knowledge comes from within. But not always. I do sense a source of pink energy within me, but the door is shut for now, and the key to it is motherhood. I would like to thank you for your comment pointing me to find it. It is unlikely my body will be able to bear children, but if it is, there is a vast reservoir there, that gives me some hope.

I know honestly I thought of that as I was posting this. At least they weren't small, orange hands!

Yup.  :P

Do you follow a certain pantheon?  There are practically tens of healing gods it might have been.


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