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What is it that causes only Draconis' avatar

to show up in members , when they come online ?

The avatar is extremely oversized , but I have

waited and nobody's avatar shows , until he goes

offline...just wondering...I have seen it for awhile...

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Magic is alive , Pan is afoot !

I've been having the same issue, but not with Draconis, with another guy that uses a Roman avatar. In my case, I've noticed it happens in Google Chrome but not in Microsoft Edge. In fact, the little widgets for posting images and videos in discussions doesn't work in Google Chrome either, but it does in Microsoft Edge. Draconis and his avatar do not have a power edge in software glitches.

I stand corrected, it happens in Microsoft Edge also, but it wasn't with a Roman avatar or Dacronis, it was with Joseph.

Hello Enigma, I signed in just a few minutes before visiting this forum and seeing my name & profile picture. O_O I wonder if that could mean the problem is happening when a new person logs on ???

No , Joseph , I am here quite a bit , and I

have only noticed it with Draconis...

Never saw you , but I am going to check now...

I will be back and tell you whether it happens with you for me...

Funny you showed up , though...;)

Well , here is the answer...I use Firefox , and you are just like Draconis...

So huge , I can only see half of the the top petals in the second row of

the flower of life image...interesting...I wonder if it is the browser the

person with the avatar is using...or used when they upped their avatar

to the

Uploaded a different profile picture. I doubt it Will solve the problem but hey... it's worth a shot. :-)

I’ve been working with computers both hardware and software most of my adult life, and I can tell you it’s a miracle that any of it works at all. Just be thankful that most of it works most of the time.

I dont always see them either. 


Hasn't happened for awhile...

Not that I have seen...but those two have not been on ,

at least while I have been here , for awhile...;)

Now , we have a new member , Becca , it looks like...

Hi , Becca !

No criticism from me here...:)

Yet , her Ganesh avatar , a most beautiful one , is

showing up so huge in the bar on members , no one

else , including me , is showing up...

I still want to know *why* this happens !?

Just for the hell of it...;)

I'm just here to remind ya'll to diversify your bonds.

Image result for Bonding

I have been told we must diversify

( sorry )


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