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Sadly I must admit that I have been letting my mundane life get in the way of my spiritual one. Yes.....Life has been getting in the way. I WANT to study more. I WANT to continue and finish my training for Maiden. I WANT to attend rituals. I WANT to start a study group. I WANT to meditate. I WANT to learn more. WANT WANT WANT. my Grandmother used to say: Want in one hand and spit in the other and see which one fills up faster. *sigh* It is very frustrating and it is bringing me down. I am not sure what to do. I feel overwhelmed by it all. And it is so difficult not really having anyone to talk to about it. That is why I am so glad and thankful that I found this site. I really hope that it helps. Please, if anyone has any tips, advice, or even if you have just been having the same problems.....feel free to comment please. Oh and if there is another discussion like this out there; sorry, I didnt look before I posted. In any case I thank you for taking the time to read this.
Bright Blessings

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Please choose one want and make it happen. Don't hesitate just do it.
something to think about..... seriously..... nicely put....
sometimes something as simple as a to-do list helps. put long term goals on one side, short term on the other. it feels great to be able to check things off as done. also this may help prioritize your goals and wants. remember to add down-time to your list - we all need time to recharge the batteries!
you are sitting in the middle of tons of pagans. From Panama City to Mobile AL , We have yahoo groups, Myspace, Pagan space, , the area has 2 British Traditional Coven, a few eclectic covens, Do members search for all the names of cities around you and you will find us. Though my friends list is large, not all my friends are local but that would be a start also. STay warm, and Blessed BE.
Very true Dallion, very true... Blessings of the Day ~!
That happens to me all the time, when I was working as a fitness trainer I was up at 4am in the gym by 5am and home by 10pm if I was lucky... never had the time for anything for myself.

I read Dorothy Morrison's Everyday Magic and I realized then and there that my magic, my spirituality could be worked into every single thing I did all day everyday. There is magic in everything you do, we just have to take a second to notice it all.

It is difficult still for me sometimes, I want to begin making my own incense, that is my goal for the next three months, I already make my own bath products, oils and such... but incense is my goal.

You can do it, take a deeeeeep breath and remember that even if you study for 30 minutes every evening you are learning, growing and being who you are.

Blessing of the Day ~!


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