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I asked a old member , and she told me "Facebook Happened"...

What is this with Facebook , and Twitter ?

I have never been on Facebook , or Twitter , thank the Gods ,

Goddesses , Faery , or whoever lines up to be thanked...

Never had a cell phone , and have no desire for one...

Never instant messaged...

Sheesh , a computer is bad I am...:)

No car , I live on a river with wildlife ( non human , mostly )

around me...

Where did the pagans go ?

Come out , come out , wherever you are...

I shall perform a ritual of necromancy to bring this site back to life ,

even if I must draw my old nemesis Nick...or Nios , as I believe he

is now called...

Have you all fallen under Zuck's spell ?

Zuck a Duck , return and be counted...

Post and be embraced...

Break the chains which you have allowed to be your yoke , and destiny !

Arise, from the graveyard of mind zombification , and call all your friends !

We shall overcome !

Well...are you brave enough ?

Or has the Zuck and the Tweeting muddled the brains ?

Let's get some real discussions going again...

Are you with me ?

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I resurrect this site from days gone by ,

When many were the ones who posted with pride ,

Who posted informing , and posted with fun ,

And kept posting long after the day was done ,

Who posted with each and every own way ,

Who listened and answered , to have their say ,

Who were not caught in a web of Zuck ,

And posted here because they gave a fu..

From all peoples , and all lands , we posted here ,

We took a stand , we illuminated , we flamed ,

We called each other many a name ,

We cared for each other , nonetheless , and

Tried to make this site the very best , 

By our knowledge and our craft , by our satire

And our laughs , by all the voices , in cyberspace ,

We were the ones of Paganspace !


Digital necromancy spells 101.

Politics ?

Voted once in my 61 years , Wilhelm...

An intelligent person does not buy into a system that rules itself ,

and all within it...nor do I pay attention to what politics there are ,

though I could tell you and others much , about the "system" , and

those who know and use , and are using an ancient code to control ,

manipulate , and dis - empower the masses...

Personalities ?

Yes , we all evolve... by choice , or necessity...

We are both elders...

Yet , I hold to my truth , and speak it with no

holding should others...

We must walk our talk , and share our wisdom , 

before we take leave of this physical form...

That has always been the inherent duty in life...

To pass on the knowledge , while having fun , as

another link in the chain...

Shall we , as elders , let alone others , shirk this duty ,

to remind , inform , and support those to come ?

Shall we not be the example , rather than fade away ?

That would be a true pity...:)

Best to you , good sir...

   Well, I'm familiar with the old site, but have tried to adapt to the changes. PS still has some damned fine discussion material, but a lot of it doesn't get followed. Lots of new, unsure witches and pagans. Cool to have them but they're looking to learn not to engage. So, I'll try to put more time on myself. 

And yes I remember discussions that would go into dozens of pages of responses. So, who knows.

Personally I like it when people new to paganism and the Craft reply, it definitely helps to carry things forward and their questions can take discussions on the oddest tangents sometimes. I'd ask all to comment on any subject that catches their eye.


Thank you , D. Edwards...

Very astute post , and supportive of the cause...

Was it not great , to watch and be a part of the most interesting

discussions , with those who had great wisdom , some who were

seeking such , and those who just were there to have fun ?

I do not miss the flame wars , but the "passion"....ah , that is

what seems to be lacking now...and I have heard it is not just

here on this Pagan website...

We must engage the engines of the mind , and encourage those

who seek to learn to ask...and take the time to answer , and

spur the horse of consciousness forward...

I have seen some new faces , since I just got back...

What deep knowledge , wisdom , practices , and fun is to be

brought forth by the new vanguard ?

Come , let us all actively participate , and pull the noses out

of those cell phones with the ball and chain of continual texting ,

and feeling the pavlonian need to respond as soon as one hears

the ring...

Was it not Mclure , who said : "you do not have to answer that

door or phone , it is a choice" ?

Sheesh , yesterday , in the grocery store , some one was so into

their messaging , going down the aisle , they missed me by scant

millimeters , because they were not

And then , early this year , in Southern California , someone was

with their son , and walked off a cliff by the ocean , because they

were not looking at the world...their nose was to the phone...:(

Thank you for answering , and looking forward to seeing you on

this and other threads...:)

Let us inspire the minds , into tangential divergences , and so

fire the neurons into warp speed !

Let us all , Make It So !

( Nick used to tease me , about being Captain Kirk , from the

way I post , so might as well have fun...he he he...)

Have a great day !

Not to worry, all is well in Hell, and Pagan Space too.

OKAy, you're just being a pagan wise ass...well...just in case.  

 I don't believe that a loving deity created this world to be a one time only absolute loyalty test with my eternal damnation as the price of failure. Too many Gods existed before Yahweh The one true god, god of the jews, the one true chosen people. I've read more than a handful of bibles and man what a crock. After all my eternal soul was on the line after all. Oi! the wasted years....anyhow if hell is needed perhaps we witches can curse one up for you....I think I still have all of those old christian works on Daemons and the like that Priests could control and work with...shouldn't be hard to get some fine ideas for a hell for those who absolutely just need to go.

As to PS, my, my, my....perhaps I have been away too long. I'd offer a rather stupid blessed be, but as Yaweh says "Be wary of where you bestow your blessings" it's paraphrased but at least we agree on a few things. 

BTW have you actually read the description  of heaven in Revelations....the complete loss of the self the eternal existence of solely worshiping me hives.

I'm guessing at a lot of things here so if you were just being a pagan wise ass you have my apologies. 

BTW have you actually read the description  of heaven in Revelations....the complete loss of the self the eternal existence of solely worshiping me hives.

That is my main motivation for turning to the horned god instead. Also i love how blunt he is very to the point. 

Been thinking of it alot to be honest as nana died just recently funeral service is this week end . . . . christian family and im rather quite about my paganism. 

Raised christian drifted to atheism after disillusion from faith and scripture now much more happy as an eclectic warlock . . . . though im trying to get organized  XP 

I would hope all is well on Paganspace , Enigma , but as D. said , the volume

of active posters , and posts , seems to be far less , than when I

was here four years ago...

It was continual , all hours...somtimes we had twenty or more active posters

on a thread , and Oh the passion...:)

As for Hell...

I myself , love Hells Bells...Rock and Roll , lock and load !

I have been on PS since 2010 and yes things have changed. I don't see it as a bad thing or a good thing. It just is what it is. Sites like people change.

Absolutely true , Psyche...

Sites do change...but I came back to interact more intensely than

before , not is slightly discombubalating to see less action ,

on the deeper levels of magickal practice...

I am 61...perhaps my passion has grown stronger with age , not less...:)

I want to Rock and Roll All Nite , and Party Every Day , as is sung...

I think as people mature, they're much less caring about what other people think and how other people practice.

As pagans, we don't often need the group hug of validation that other religions do.

We tend to be independent spirits to start with, so as I explained on another board I was on - an atheist really wanted to engage with pagans, but none ever took him up on it.

I explained to him that pagans aren't interested in what he did or didn't believe.  If he didn't believe the faith of pagans, that was fine with them.  

I joined in 2011, and I just notice that some of the people who were once very active were also very obnoxious.  So no loss there.


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