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I asked a old member , and she told me "Facebook Happened"...

What is this with Facebook , and Twitter ?

I have never been on Facebook , or Twitter , thank the Gods ,

Goddesses , Faery , or whoever lines up to be thanked...

Never had a cell phone , and have no desire for one...

Never instant messaged...

Sheesh , a computer is bad I am...:)

No car , I live on a river with wildlife ( non human , mostly )

around me...

Where did the pagans go ?

Come out , come out , wherever you are...

I shall perform a ritual of necromancy to bring this site back to life ,

even if I must draw my old nemesis Nick...or Nios , as I believe he

is now called...

Have you all fallen under Zuck's spell ?

Zuck a Duck , return and be counted...

Post and be embraced...

Break the chains which you have allowed to be your yoke , and destiny !

Arise, from the graveyard of mind zombification , and call all your friends !

We shall overcome !

Well...are you brave enough ?

Or has the Zuck and the Tweeting muddled the brains ?

Let's get some real discussions going again...

Are you with me ?

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Since 22 hours ago.
In this attempted derailment of the op.

Do not get the O.P. P.O.

We Got A Volunteer For Dinner

What you may refer to as grizzled old taint can still kick many

a young lad's ass from here to Timbuktu , and back and forth

a few times before I was done...

Besides , young Jedi , I was kidding as were Hash and you...

So just simmer that old hothead of yours down :3

You don't want high blood pressure at such a young

Ain't nobody offended by your arrogance , either...;)

Still love yah , Spooky , you rascal you...

Lumberjack , you say ?

Yeah , you can be Darla...:)

As for the other question , that *is* a bit loaded...

But if it comes down to it , I am Alpha , that's all...

Top Wolf...he can be butch if he wants...:3

"Lumberjack , you say ?"

Yeah , love this song , by Jackyl...

I actually posted them on site here doing it live...

Can't remember which thread , but it was last year...;)

The Origin Of Hip Hop was the Little Rascals !

Now we know !

Lucky you, Shawn, I still can't get off facebook. Worst thing is - I don't even like it or use it that much! Good thing I never cared for Twitter or any similar sites, really can't see the point of them.

In fact, I registered here some two weeks ago, and got approved just now. Well, guess it's better late than never.

Come to think of it, the whole "facebook happened" bit happened to another site I used to frequent - (or what it was called?). The users there hated facebook with a passion because it's "oh, so mainstream" and "Capitalist America" and whatnot, and now they're all sitting in a facebook group there. True story. Sad, but true.


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