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I am kind of a freak for quartz. What do you like?

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cool. I'd like to see it to.
Amethyst, Clear Quartz and Lapis Lazuli
I Like Garnet
Only Cos It Is My Birthstone :0)
I also have a lot of favorites.I have a huge platter full with a large raised bowl over the top showing my large crystals. I love,love,love them ! Most of all I love my Alexandrite .Yes It's the real macoy .Also Aquamarine,Lemurian seed quartz,Oh,another rarer piece I have is Covelite,very cool .I get the best zing out of zincite.
It's gotta be coarse Blue Calcite for me.
Diamonds! Well, they are a girl's best friend. :))
Amethyst is one of my favorites....but diamonds are a girls bestfriend lol
Definetly Rainbow moonstone
ametrine & gold tigers eye.

Clear Quartz and Lapis lazuli. Here is the healing properties of Lapis lazuli



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