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How'd you like that click bait title! XD 

I've been having a ridiculous amount of random run in's with Chaos magick lately. Signs, symbols, occurrences, random info from very random places being flashed before my eyes, so me thinks something is nudging me to at the very least, learn about this path. I have found some decent albeit obscure info on the interwebs, but i'd love to have those in the know to point me in a direction? I'm looking for books, resources, experiences (good or bad), advice, whatever you got. What I've learned so far has resonated with me so I'd like to put the hours in on this study.

I literally know so little that I don't even have a specific path related question in mind. Just throw me whatcha got, a dialogue will grow. Thanks loves.

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I'd be interested to know what attracted you to this topic to begin  with, and what sources have you found so far?

Over the last month I've had lots of synchronicities that have led me to want to know more. Be it the chaosphere simply presenting itself in very random places, Peter Caroll's name was mentioned in a completley unrelated article I was reading, as was Phil Hine's. I've been dreaming of sigil's and also lots of information on Sigil's has found it's way to me. 

So far, I have been reading Condensed Chaos and Liber Null and lots of Googling. ;)

"Be it the chaosphere simply presenting itself in very random places,"

Yes, I know that, it is a constantly recurring type of thing. But what exactly attracts you to Chaos magic? What is it about chaos that appeals to you personally? 

I stumbled on Chaos Magick as an occult counterculture in 1990 and circulated among some of their live gathering circles of practitioners in So. Cal, it attracted quite a motley crew of people fed up with other paths. CM is a partial eyesore among some Wiccans and a few Satanists over time that feel the deconstruction aspect of all paths by CM to empower workings are more diluting strategms harming once traditional routes of teaching and practice. More like people going rogue in light of decades of closed door pompous Wiccan groups and rigid screening practices for live contact in the official Church of Satan grotto system.  CM can be seen as a kind of pragmatic Grey Magick path that doesn't shy away at negativity and scoffs at rigid Wiccan Rede, Karma, 3 fold law finger wagging scolds of ethical warnings against darker spellcastings, and as with Phil Hine of Britain, downright cursing with historical basis of it's use. I read Peter Carroll, Fater U.D., others, but have kept up with Phil Hine because he is open to non heterosexuals in the CM counterculture.

Phil Hine Chaos Magick books and website topics, videos, blogs


My practice is already pretty deconstructed and "grey". I don't do dogma or karma or anything of the sort. And i'm definitely not wiccan! Thanks so much for the resources and info provided. 

I'm not a fan of it personally,but respects that it's a path of some.

i yes do............

You know, I made some valiant attempts back in the 1990's but to no avail.  Back then, we didn't have amazon or the internet, so trying to even FIND metaphysical books was tough!  I found some information at a bookstore in NY called Magickal Childe.  I'm not even sure they are in business anymore.  The information I had suggested that I should lick batteries.  Why?  Not sure, perhaps to jog my brain out its accustomed neuropathways.

Here's the deal as I see it now...humans are EVOLVING.  Our brains are bigger, we have so much less fossilization to cut through than our ancestors.  I think it's easier now to practice Magick than it was 25 years ago.  So much of it has to do with getting my brain in the right place.  CONVICTION IS EVERYTHING - YOU CAN ALSO CALL IT FAITH.  Sometimes, I never get as far as doing a ritual...I just think about my desire in a loving, happy way and let it go and then it manifests.  It's happening more and more all the time!  I haven't really researched Chaos Magick all that much in recent years, but my guess is that it was an attempt to harness the raw power of human potential instead of having to go through so much ritual and process.  All I can say is...whatever is happening to me nowadays is a REAL BLAST!

i dont know if someone already said this... if not im shocked. Liber Null & Psychonaut by Pete Carroll. check out the Illuminates of Thanateros, their info on their site and whatnot. One thing that kinda stuck with me that my mentor said was "people apply thinking 'it's chaos magick, so i need to be chaotic', but that's not what it's about, it's about getting results."

Yeah, that's the guy!  Magickal Childe bookstore in NY had all his stuff!

This is going to sound a bit unorthodox but a great book (once you get the basics down - see everyone else's suggestions) is Ovid's Metamorphosis. And, though fiction, I've found the Liber Chaotica by Richard Williams and Marijan Von Staufer to be somewhat useful as well.


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