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It kinda sucks for them.  They had to make some cutbacks, so no fireworks.  

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I think this is bullcrap they wasted  the money on other bullcrap like  the President Irish roots please!

I have always thought of it as a community building sort of event. Though to be fair I never attend; even when I was in the Army I never attended any of the firework displays offered. I suppose that at some point every generation can recall the loss of something that was seemingly fundamental at some point in their lives. It does suck though. Speaking of savings we could probably save a great deal of money if the White House bought a plastic tree from Walmart this year; savings for years to come, and aren't holidays afterall about the spirit ?

With so many military personnel PSTD, perhaps fireworks aren't the best idea anyway.

When I was in the Army I saw a lot of cool Fire Works.  I think one of the most beautiful sights I've ever witnessed was at night with thousands of tracers dancing around back and forth around me, interspersed with the occasional flash from High Explosives.  It is almost hypnotic.  Then in the green glow of the NVDs it got even more surreal.  It wasn't the fourth of July though.

But the time I always remember about fireworks on Independence day on an Army Post was at Wiesbaden Airbase Germany.  I was a young and dumb Specialist and shared a Barracks room with two PFCs.  Although it is an Airbase, it was an Army installation and I was in the Scout Platoon third Battalion 28th Infantry Regiment of the the fourth brigade of the First Infantry Division (Big Red One).  Well the morning of the fourth of July 1981, PFC Soldier#1 and I went downtown to go shopping and check out Wiesbaden and walking to the bus stop we spotted PFC Soldier #2 in the bleachers at the Baseball field with two cases of beer and a bottle of Bourbon.  So we asked him what he was doing, it was only 1100.  

PFC#2 said he was going to have the best seat in the house for the fireworks that night.  So PFC #1 and I had a good time downtown, then caught the last bus at the Hauptbaunhof to come home at 1700.  We were walking back to our barracks and passing the Baseball field and PFC #2 was sitting kind of sideways but still there.  We checked on him and he slurred his speech a little but was OK.  Then we (PFC #1 and I) went back to the barracks and were watching AFN on television and it started to get dark.  (Armed Forces Network, American TV Shows)

Then we heard a commotion in the hall outside our room and someone knocked on the door.  It was some guys in our platoon dragging PFC #2 who was seriously messed up drunk.  PFC #2 is a big guy so we couldn't get him up on his upper bunk so PFC #1 agreed to let him sleep on the bottom bunk.

We got PFC #2 settled in and tucked in and outside the window was a whistle and then a flash and boom and the fireworks had started at the baseball field.

This isn't the end of the story though; PFC #2 was too drunk to get up and so, peed the bed.  PFC #1 was furious.




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