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Some spells that help with severe anxiety disorders (But don't stop taking your meds!)

First spell is tweaked from a Llewellyn spell. The rest are mine:

(I generally find that this one needs a once a week recharge)

1 blue candle


Lavender incense

Take a deep breath and light the candle. Spend however much time you need focusing on the flame and your breathing until you feel calm and peaceful. Then say the spell slowly, envisioning yourself surrounded by a glowing light filled with serenity.

I seek to align myself with the goddess Amphitrite

Nervous thoughts won't let me be
Amphitrite come to me
Ease my mind, heal my thoughts
Don't let logic, out of fear, be lost

Stomach calm, with no unease
My burdens lie on stronger shoulders
I release anxiety’s weight
Turn into pebbles what seemed like boulders 

Make this protection last the whole week through

Faith is mine and strength is mine
The love of those who stay unseen
Let calm flow in with every breath
I am grounded and serene

Envision the amethyst glowing with the calm bestowed by Amphitrite. Keep the stone or stones in your pocket and rub it is you get anxious.

This one is for if you have had a really bad day or a string of them

For A Better Day

1 black candle

Today was gloomy
Too many bad thoughts and feelings came to me
Let tomorrow be a carefree day
I beg thee gods in the witch's way
This is my will, so mote it be!



For anticipation panic

All will be well
You are imagining hell
But change your pace
And you will be in a peaceful place
Where all you desire is what will transpire

For panic before or on an outing:

Fear is a feeling
I am not bleeding
Fear is a feeling
It cannot intimidate me into leaving
Fear cannot hurt me
And courage shall not desert me



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Thank you very much! As one who has his own mental health struggles I'm certain I'll find these very useful indeed.

No problem. Always willing to help.

Thank you. This may help me, as a musician, with stage fright. I am playing here, at this theater, on Friday and Saturday. Both nights are sold out. 

Sold out?! Wow! That's great!

By The Power Of Three Times Three I Banish Thee Anxiety ,

You May Not Enter The Thoughts In My Head , You May Not

Enter When I Dream In My Bed , You May Not Enter My

Hearth And Home , Not With My Friends Or When I'm Alone

You Have No Control When I Am Around , People I Know

Or New Ones I've Found , You May Not Control My Actions

Or Words , I Shall Do What I Do And Speak To Be Heard ,

I Am That I Am , No Sin , Guilt Or Fear , Not Only Now But

For All Of My Years , This Is My Life And My Destiny , And

I Banish Thee , Anxiety , That I May Be Free !

Shawn Blackwolf 2018

I might use that

Litanies against Fear and Anger

Fear comes before Anger,
it is ‘flee’ from fight, and the sounding horn.
I will let it sound in my ears
I will stand in its midst and let it pass.
When it is gone, there I alone will be.

Anger is a form of Fear,
it is ‘fight’ to flee, and the building storm.
I will let the storm draw near.
I will stand in its midst and let it pass.
When it is gone, there I alone will be.

That's beautiful

thank you thank you thank you. , if only you understood ho much I meant that

Believe me, I understand. I have anxiety disorder, panic disorder, and agoraphobia. It's why I wrote the spells. I take Neurontin and have a medical marijuana prescription to keep me from getting addicted to the Xanax I also take, but all that makes a dent, not a cure, so I have to use witchcraft to cope. Grounding and centering is also really good at stopping an attack.

Mmm, Marijuana—that stuff saved my life. I was a very nervous anxious teen, and smoking marijuana with my friends smoothed all that out. That was the 70’s, and I had to give it up because of legality issue. The State I’m in still won’t legalize it. However, getting a good dose as a teen gave me space to develop alternative methods of anxiety management such as meditation. I'm still hoping the legalization will reach me before I hit 60 because I'll really need it then.

Hopefully This Shall Help Until Your State Catches Up

( from a totally legal state and medicinal )



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