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I was using my 4 hr Epsiln binaural brainwave mp3 trying to meditate for the full length of it when 52 minutes into it I heard a sound on my porch like someone walking around,I would have kept going if I had not heard that sound,there was nothing there though, I looked to be sure.

I called a storm to cool this day and rain the rest of the night,just about 5 minutes before Alex left tonight. I guess it was the rain starting its pouring now.

incidentally, I heard a girls voice in my head while I was meditating say " it gets easier and easier" she sounded young somewhere around the teens I think but maybe younger it happened so quick just that single phrase and all I heard was my own mental voice again.

I still feel like I am between sleep and waking but more alert than normal.

I am on my way to my 8 hr goal I just know I will do it soon.

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Imagine that there is a door between the conscious and unconscious minds. Most people try to open the door a little in order to remember a dream. In my case a traumatic event forced the door wide open; I was diagnosed with schizophrenia and spent some time in mental hospitals. The people who diagnosed my "illness" do not know what schizophrenia actually is, and the name is misleading. It is a shamanic trance---but most people who stumble into it are not prepared, know nothing about the "other side", are afraid and make mistakes. Psychotropic medications bring them back to the familiar reality that is safe for them. 

Decide whether you want to have shamanic experiences before you try to meditate for 8 hours.

It is always impressive to see folks achieving lengthy and deep Spiritual actions - especially in the Art of Meditation.

It takes Masters a long time to get through many hours of non-stop Meditation...slowing the body down - removing Self from the living world - reaching into a depth of Energy that furthur removes you from other distracting activity etc. Traveling the Paths within - repairing and regenerating....removing the imprints of Social and "routine" dogmatic habits......the focus goal is to learn to observe objectively on all levels of Life.. The intention with deep Meditation, is also to eliminate all distractions, so One can go as deep into One's own being as is 'Physically, Mentally and Spiritually' possible.

This far-reaching - well established Ancient practice allows the Individual time to rest and engage on a state of consciousness that cannot be experienced day-to-day. Even the most successful - hardened Masters of Meditation politely suggest that a 3 hour non-stop max should be the respected limit...

If you chase the Paths too soon - too fast, that is too say 'Too much meditation' - then the the outcome can make you "spacey" and ungrounded, an action of not giving your nervous system time to reorganize itself in a coherent manner..

Meditation actively opens you to raw experiences, and at the same time it rewires the brain. It re-builds grey matter, reroutes and increases the number of synapses that your neurons have. This (on the plus side) leads to greater communication within the cognitive system - however, (and always a "beware") there are pitfalls in this process. It can weaken your mind-body coordination, leaving the Self open to crying more easily;  becoming awkwardly clumsy; tripping/falling - disorientated; and imbalanced, often the result of too much happening too FAST.

The longer the Meditation, the faster the brain's "Clock" ticks - as it is constantly attempting to calculate how much time is left, and throughout the length - it sets of another diagnostic pattern - as it re-evaluates and breaks down the Veil of Solitude.... In the rawness of 'Silence' - that combination of no talking, no eye contact, combined with strict eating and re-routed sleep schedules - the idea of 'mandated lengthy meditation' triggers an emotion of 'imprisonment'.

Many sadly lack the environment of 'True' solitude - that place of being in an area where it is easy too lose the "Distractions" and enter the Spiritual - (other than short of plugging ears - darkening rooms; shoving towels in gaps...etc) - in a place of truly being unable to escape Society and its ongoing activities...
In the beginning the Individual is so conditioned to act and react to an internal feedback that is like a controlling whip - crackling with activity as One drives deeper and deeper to escape...turning on internal megaphones that scream for attention that dissolves the freedom being evoked, and birthed. When faced with surface awareness embrace the thoughts, your mind will continue to de-excite,

Here - a good piece of advise is when the mind seeks attention - then return that attention to the Breath - slow the Breath to where you’re barely breathing at all......and Time shifts.

The Physical side is one of the hardest to overcome - the Form is not used to high levels of inactivity - even in sleep - (8 hours of laying down) - consists of movement - it is the way of the body's function to rework communication - pain is not just a marker of something imbalanced - broken or disconnected - it is a 'notice' of a electrical pulse that has been disrupted.

Meditation is frequently disturbed by 'shut-off' sections, the crossed legs, or bent knees, pressure points which soon heave to be given space, muscles vibrate to a music of rhythms that have no harmony.....the sudden need to swallow, that soon develops into a downward spiral of trying NOT to swallow as One is avoiding the sensation of choking.

Long stints of Meditation - (where inactivity is recognised) - causes the body and brain to start a 'internal' diagnostic - seeking out areas and 'zapping' them for connective transmission. In Meditation the basic rule is to simply observe the sensations - many start with the one that is often the first to distract "the Itch on the Nose"!,  in the nostrils and/or the small area above the upper lip. (Here again, when the mind seeks attention - then return that attention to the Breath - Breath awareness gently lures the mind away from surface awareness).

If you feel two sensations at once, then focus on the more subtle of the two.This also reinforces the truth that everything in Life is impermanent. You realize that the ache in your left knee eventually passes away just like the pleasant vibration in your pinky finger (which is on a separate nerve connection to the rest of the fingers that now seem to have 'gone to sleep'!), and as you establish a DEEPER better understanding of the sweeping of attention throughout the body, you soon are able to instigate Self-repair efficiently...

Eventually (as the experience develops) - going deep in Meditation (that can eventually be quickly and effectively achieved in 30mins) is so subtle that you won’t know you’re going DEEP until you're not even there any more.

'Light' aka Lise

in general i agree with what youre saying. part of the way that i do it is to not set any duration goal or limit. sometimes, its like ive turned around in another world and closed a door behind me, and i no longer perceive the external world at all, nor do i believe in its existence until i return.

i would recommend only using binaural brainwave mp3s for the purpose of teaching your mind what it feels like to go into different states. then to stop using the binaural brainwave mp3s and do it manually, naturally, otherwise you become dependent.


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