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Greetings All,

Something is wrong with the ENERGY of the World today. It isn't just
me. It may be something Astrological or it may be something else.

I am woken earlier than is expected by my two little ones who decided
to jump on me and pull me from the Astral plane only to be confront by
an email box full of more than average "Hate" mail but letters which
can only be taken as "BAD" news. Emails that depressed me and raised
my hackles. No way to start a Saturday if you ask me.

I told my Dragonfly I need to go for a walk. Find a Tree to sit
beneath and to get in tune with my inner peace.... to pick up the milk
she requested for the house and the soy milk for a little boy. I set
out on my usual Saturday 40 minute walk to be confronted by a World
gone MAD! And I am positive that it is not just my local area.

A usual very quiet street, down passed the Railway line which is about
a block from us which I walk down had neighbours very loud vocally
abusing each other ...not across the fence but on the public footpath.
I had to walk onto the road and cross over to the other side to avoid

At a major intersection past this street which is not as busy on a
weekend, I witnessed a near traffic accident, drivers arguing and then
as one driver climbed back into his car and drove off it was
accompanied by road rage ... with the other driver picking up a rock
and hurling it after him and then jumping in his car and taking pursuit.

I walked on and passed the returning people who attended the Mount
Barker Christmas Pageant only to be confronted by discourtesy and
rudeness not just to me but to other people who were walking by them
all around me.

I got passed the "Foodland" supermarket to the foot bridge where a
bunch of five young men (fathers, I assumed as they had their children
with them) who were standing there drinking bottled beer (illegal to
do in public) stood chatting and block other pedestrians way not only
myself but a little old lady. So I said excuse me politely and pushed
passed them ...then. Stopped and made a path for the little old lady
and so a few others could get passed. I was abuse verbally by the
"louts" for my courtesy to others.

I wandered down to "Coles" and picked up the requested milk and soy
milk and was left reeling by the empathic assault of misery. People
verbal bemoaning the financial restraints and the cost of groceries
... and stating in conversation the need for that money from the
government now.

I overheard a conversation between two women where one was telling
the other that her husband has just been retrenched so close to
Christmas which was not unlike my on-line friend's story and the
reason behind her stress.

The Coles supermarket I went to, have ALL new young staff and
although, they were wearing "Christmas Joy" T-Shirts ... all lack

I left Coles in a rush and went to my local pub for a beer before the
long walk home ... only to feel that the energy was ALL wrong ... I
decided to go to the other pub down the street only to be confronted
by police outside arresting two patrons of this bar which is usually

I went back to my local and told our friend there, Deb, the bar
manager of what I just witnessed only to be told that there was three
arrest at the Christmas Pageant outside earlier because of unruly

I shook my head ...drank my beer in quiet contemplation and then
stacking my pipe and lighting it began my walk home.

Fortunately, it was uneventful and gave me time to think ... there is
something wrong ...something is about to happen ...the ENERGY is NOT
right ... something is coming and it ain't Jesus or Santa.

As I got to the street were we lived and had just walked across the
railway crossing I witnessed something which scared the shit out of me
...something no parent needs to witness. A young teenage boy on a
bicycle with his friend sitting on the handle bars decided to dash
across the very busy main road we live on ... he just missed being
collected by an on-coming Semi-trailer coming in the opposite
direction. His mate screamed:

"Are you f**king mad?"

He replied ... "Way cool! Want to do it again!"

I did not wish to witness two young boys splattered all over the front
of a Semi-trailer.

I think I should have stayed in bed.
Michael Lee-Price
~ the Wayfinder ~

"I would rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy"
(Dorothy Parker)

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i'm more aware of our impending transition with the galactic plane than of the end of the age even. we're also moving back into the galactic "arm" and coming into the presence of denser star populations than we've been exposed to for quite some time now.

i don't think of any of it as suffering though - i'm extremely curious to see what comes next^_^
Law of attraction yes....but darn if I dont have a feeling about this unbalance you speak of...kinda like an annoying nagging feeling that just doesnt seem to go away. Is it delusion or something more worthy of listening to...i wonder.
It's not a delusion, my dear Megalith. I think more out there are feeling it than we realize, or at least of those that speak up. I can feel it too.
We had a few of those days.......... It was a weird day yesterday for me also.......
Hmmmm- hopefully the stars ARE aligning the right way and the gates will be opening for the Great Old Ones to come and wipe out all of humanity... Thanks for the uplifting report. I'll keep my eyes peeled for this event. Have a great day!
Hello WayFinder.
Yes the energy is messed up in this day and age. Over many years I have heard people vomit. Make your own reality. Even the people who say this, the only way that they could make there own reality is not to see any other people or us anything that other people have made or anything like that. Other wise, other people help make every ones reality. I can bet that someone got hit by a drunk driver, that person did not want that to be there reality, but it is just a fact of life. Please I mean nothing bad by this. There is much bad, evil that goes on a round people all the time. The sad part. It is not getting better. People just seem to chose to over look it. It gets worse. To know its out there right were you live is to be ready for it, if it comes your way. It will be better then being blind sided by it.

Love Terry


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