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A few days ago in my home town of Louisville, Kentucky a poster came across twitter and areas of downtown (see below).  It stated that my town would undergo a "purge" much like the films of the same name.

Upon seeing these posters many people were both confused and skeptical, wondering whether or not it'll happen.  The maker of the poster has been finally traced to a high school student from the area, whose identity has not been released but has been interviewed over the phone.  He has been suspended from his school See here

While it started off as a prank there were originally no extraordinary outbreaks of crime  like the films, and some reports were originally unfounded.  But there's stuff still going on.  There are reports of people running around wearing masks and being armed, one report of homicide, someone raping a cat, breaking into liquor store and other things.

Here's a Live blog with updates: LINK

Louisville Metro Police Scanner: LINK     

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I feel sorry for anyone who tries to rape a cat.

Hooked on phonics isn't a phone sex line.

What? I thought it was a place where I could get dyslexic hookers.

LOL Raping a cat would render someone incapable of reproduction... Which, if they are the sort of person who wants to do such things, wouldn't be a bad thing... Being unable to reproduce, I mean. 

I read the article the Police are on high alert for the area.

I guess I'd have to see the films to know what you're talking about.

In the films, its a government-issued day of un-criminalized violence.  Obviously, no government officials in my home town would issue anything like that, but there was just some downtown chaos 

There is a reported seven attacks on people where I live, and they are targeting people who are defenseless, elderly and children. Someone said they were wearing a hoody pulled up tight in the Texas heat. Sounds like another speed freak! And of course the police aren't any help, they could catch a cold! Hell they don't even finger print at robberies! This is part of what made my earlier post.

<------FELLOW LOUISVILLIAN!!!! Hey dude! It's nice to see a post from another Louisville Pagan on here! 

But anyways, yeah I saw that BS on FB a few days ago. Nothing happened last night, apparently. I think most people blew it off completely.

In a way, I wish it had so the cops could round up some idiots who need to locked up anyways. Even, better, we could have sterilized them while we're at it. 

But no... No such opportunity. 

Although... I DID hear a helicopter flying over Bashford Manor Ln. last night and my husband said he heard loud bangs coming from the apartments near our house.

Nothing explosively happened like the films, there was still some activity though.  Yeah there were some pranks and stuff but from what I've heard recently at least two people were shot and killed, but if it was connected to the purge stuff is unknown.  I know people who reported banging on their houses and garages and stuff.  When the dust settled it looks like most of it was just antagonizing not a full on riot.   

What did he learn?

How to get help changing his name to Claude Balls maybe? 


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