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I recently went back to Salem for a couple days, I flew back to Florida yesterday arriving on the ground in gainesville at 5:22 in the afternoon. that in and of itself might also be considered strange or odd taken in conjunction with the fact that the event I wish to discuss took place at 5:33 in the morning.

I was sleeping quite soundly when out of nowhere right next to my ear I hear a child like voice say "Hello" I was instantly and completely awake within seconds.

I sat up put my feet on the floor feeling no fear I said who are you? I know you are here. who are you? where are you?

I got no response at all.

A few minutes ago I spoke out loud asking whoever it was to communicate with me. I got a tingly sensation I usually associate with the feeling of a presence in the room but nothing else.

Does anyone know if waking up to a childs voice near your ear has any significance?

While I was in Salem I bought a pure silver raven crescent pentacle and a pure silver chain for it.

could the pure magick of the silver somehow aided in bringing this about?

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"Does anyone know if waking up to a childs voice near your ear has any significance?"

It's probably a ghost.

"could the pure magick of the silver somehow aided in bringing this about?"

The spirit could be attached to that silver raven pentacle.

How could a spirit be attatched to my Raven Pentacle? I bought it brand new at New England Magick in Salem.

The Silver chain I bought at village silversmith.

Maybe the spirit is attached to the silver chain.

Did you recognise the child's voice? It could be a living child was thinking of you at the time and you picked-up on those thoughts. 

I might agree with you were the chain or Raven Pentacle an antique, however both are contemporary pieces made recently.  I see no reason for the spirit of a child to have attached itself to either piece.

Incidentally I have not heard it again but I did dream again for the first time in a long while.  I only recall bits and pieces now tho.

Objects don't have to be antiques for a spirit to become attached. In fact, you can bond energy to an object purposely. The energy could have been picked up during the making and handling of the item along the supply chain and in the store. The old school of thought is to cleanse any jewelry you buy.

Im not sure, but child spirits are really tricky ! Perhaps take extra care of yourself- get some check ups and possible burn some sage around the house! good luck

I always burn sage in my house, matter of fact I used white sage and some blessed water and blessed salt to bless charge and consecrate my newly purchased silver raven pentacle before bed that night.

I don't know any children that would be the age of the voice I heatd who would be thinking of me. When you say child spirits are tricky do you mean they like to play tricks? or that it is difficultto know what they want?

Some spirits appear as children so as not to make you defensive when in fact they are not children. Children play with spirits they see and their parents believe they have an imaginary friend. Later the malevolent side of the spirit shows its true nature and the child becomes afraid also. The parents and child learn it is no longer an innocent game.

From the little experience I have had with children's spirits I have always found them to be curious. They seem to "pop-in", take a quick look to see what is happening, then say "Hi" or giggle then vanish never to return. So it could be that, as you can't place it as a living child.

It could also be, as you thought, an elemental on its way elsewhere.

As you have had no further contact from it I don't think it's anything to be concerned about.

by the way Elizabeth, I make my own White Sage Oil by steeping White Sage Leaves in cooking oil, I added some to some cocoa butter soap base and made 2 soaps with it the other day.  For cleaning the aura while I am cleaning my body.  I take cleansing salt showers before ritual but White Sage Soap helps too.

I'm of two minds of the situation:

1) What Enigma said.  In such a town, energies could have been picked up by the pendant and/or chain.  It's best to cleanse the necklace and be done with it.  As Enigma said, it may not be a child, just some entity PRETENDING to be a child.

2) Hearing voices in your sleep is a quite common occurrence.  Highly documented in the literature.  I've been hearing my name called for years.  Sometimes, it's in my own voice.  


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