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I have been thinking about something that happened a few years back when I was camping in the woods.

never been able to decide for sure whether it was real or a dream.

I had gone to sleep but woke when I heard a whisper like whoosh sound and sensed something large above the tent the whole tent was filled with light.  I sat up and went to unzip the rear window to see what was above the tent but the top half of my body fell right thru the wall of the tent I pushed myself back upright and tried again to unzip the window falling thru the wall again then the arcs of electricity went across both my ankles and my legs and chest all at once and I could not move thats all I remember.  it was so real I never could say whether it was real or a dream, I don't know why I have been thinking about it now.

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There is of late a good deal of activity in place...
Energies are 'shaking' up recipients - that is too say Practitioners, Shamans, etc....too them (the Energies/Spirits etc) Time is just seconds from the last interaction they may have had with an Individual till that of now - BUT too us - the ever evolving Physical Spirit, it can be weeks, months and even years apart...

      Those that may have kept detailed records/Journals of instances, will find themselves flipping BACK in Time, through the pages to relocate a moment - to reestablish the 'event' at that time and maybe - just maybe act upon it or move forward to another enlightening stage.

This flow of Energy points you towards a Path of looking inward, to deal with problems, and certainly is a Time to find peace, clarity and solitude in order to think.

Some, like yourself, pull the 'memories' forward as if it was only yesterday - reflecting on the why and if etc.....
Today and tonight is what is known as the "Great Sexual Hunt" - sounds fun to some, to others a little scary...(depending on how One see's the word "Sexual"!) If any have animals - you may have noted that they are almost like in 'Heat' - certainly my own Feline Team (all neutered) have been like manic Banshees!!!
Dogs, domesticated and otherwise have been taking off - crazed to some degree - leaving homes and wandering - to partake in what is seen as the 'Great Hunt'....other domestic and otherwise are also active - in a not so norm presentation.

We have the Dark Moon taking ownership on the 7th - FRIDAY - currently entering its Final and most effective stage tomorrow....and the word in the Cosmic references to its influences and 'reminders'... is it amplifies feelings of anger, fear, and deception - reminding folks to instigate a good dose of promoting Self Natural Healing and grounding - reminding each to ground yourself when you feel those malevolent emotions trying to take over.

During these two interacting phases - the individual is best reminded to TUNE into your OWN Energy, quiet all of that external noise, and trust your Intuition..  Fear feeds Fear - and there is a whole host of Energies on the Wing just ready to feed from that willing supply!!

We are also transcending (since November 16th) several "New Years", staged over the next few months, as various Traditions enter with their version in play....
There are also some Spirit Animal deployments stepping into play - that has kinda split the Year into Three stages, stemming as from the October end of the Deal.

From sort of now to Feb there is the influence of the Rat....crafty little bugger, also a bringer of the Plague, and diseases.....Viruses are ripe, Food poisoning on a large scale etc etc....
Then in February the Pig comes into play - a sort of muddy Love ...getting dirty, and yet shying away from aspects...but also cleans up the 'waste' etc...
By Midsummer the influence of the Bat - creating a action of Balance - coming from Dark Voids deep within Self - and using the ability to "LISTEN" for the frequencies that the norm miss!!

That remains until All-Hallows 2019 knocks on the Door again....and from now till then will be a whole host of other influences weaved in....

Three sectors - Each highlighting a value:> Love, Knowledge and Wisdom, and the Dance between the Sun and Moon as at now is the sign of Knowledge AND Journeys, BOTH subjects require a flexible and adaptive approach to their attainment.

This also suggests that Communication and Healing can meet up in a powerful, yet gentle alignment; there will be some that feel like "Victims of Circumstance" - associated with the pain of being left out or being unable to get personal needs met, (and ohhhh will THEY Bitch about it): and many will be forced (gently like) to handle their connection to the physical world in THREE ways: your body, the food you put into it and the money you make to sustain it.

This last aspect relates more so to creating an atmosphere of abundance around you - respond by slowing down and biting back words of irritation and frustration; send appreciation in that direction and you will make your way to becoming like a Cat, in that somehow you will always end up landing on your feet with minimal damage..AND one less LIFE to play with!

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With no disrespect to Light, it sounds like you had Sleep paralysis this is a temporary inability to move or speak that occurs when you're waking up or falling asleep. It's not harmful and passes in a few seconds or minutes, but can be very frightening.

It can also occur when your having a dream, I found myself in total darkness, and non of the light switches in my home worked. I began to feel a presence in the dark with me, and started to fight it, which was very strong, and became very frightening, I then woke up. 

No offense taken Meridan **Smiling** - would totally agree with that aspect as well....have been there myself also - sometimes hard to tell apart what is and isn't....



the difference between what occured to me and sleep paralysis was my being able to move as if you recall I sat up and tried to unzip the rear tent window my torso falling through the tent and the whispery whooosh sound that ended with me being woken by it and sensing something heavy over the tent which was filled with white light from everywhere at once.  it was not until I fell through the back wall of the tent twice and pushed off the ground falling onto my back again the lightning like bolts arced across my body I was not afraid but I knew there was nothing to be afraid of.

from what I understand sleep paralysis is scary and happens in a halfway dtate between sleeping and waking at the time I knew I was awake totally and completely.  thats why I never could decide if it was dream or real because I have never had a dream about waking up  into a dream.  I even talked about it with a counselor after it happened and still could never make up my mind

I guess a spirit was super excited about camping with you. I mean basically spirits in general are repressed beings living in a jail like environment in our heads and barely able to feed or clothe themselves. Or at least a lot of them say that thought. Of course the ones saying that might be really negative and upset because they tried to be SUPER Wraiths or demons and ended up being mentally retarded because they don't respect Higher Powers. Just my two cents.

interesting thought Elizabeth but when I sense a spirit it is way different than the heavy weight I sensed above my tent when the light coming from everywhere at once filled the tent.  I thought it was a UFO at the time thats why I fell through the rear wall of the tent twice I wanted to unzip the window to see if it was  a UFO

Ball lightning?  St. Elmo's fire maybe?  Or just a dream...


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