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I heard recently that Haley is going around spreading lies about how I abused Alex, since the moment I heard of this I have been thinking of casting a spell to stop her from lying about me. A few minutes ago I had a thought, if I do such a spell would I not be in effect controlling her, the way she tries to control everyone she comes into contact with?
would I in effect be taking away her free will?

On the one hand I wish to keep her from telling such lies, but on the other hand I do not wish to become as bad as she is.

I keep picturing how I would cast the spell, yet I can't dwcide whether i would be in the right or in the wrong
because it would control her ability to lie about me.

can anyone advise me on this?

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Spells need careful thought - and a good deal of planning - thinking past the moment it is done on through to the ripple effect that inevitably follows..

In Teaching Sessions - I always remind folks of this - IF you are going to do a "Spell" be very conscious of what the Energies in play are all about at that Time.
...and Yes you are right - when you initiate an action that is ultimately against another you are stepping on their Will and Intent....something the Great Ones really have no control over...(other than adding to a already messy pile).

It is far better for you to seek "Justice" - a hard word to swallow considering that the Nature of Form in today's society tends to appose that very act daily...
It would be far wiser to create an Incense - Incense is known as the 'Breath of the Divine" it receives your thoughts from the HEART not the HEAD and initiates that up to the Divinity etc to consider..

If they feel that the call for Justice is a Benevolent request - then support will be given...

A good date to commence this is on the 28th of this month, WEDNESDAY to create an Incense using the ingredients available to you, as shown below.
Scour the Dollar store Herbs - should find most of them there with the exception of the Elm and Alum. Find a Elm tree local and just ask for a twig - maybe some at the base - but ask first - Elm is First be respectful!

28th November is a day dedicated to the Rune "Ice" - its Power day is then - it is the beginning of a static period - a Time of the cessation of flow and enforced rest.

Wednesday serves the Emotion 'Woe' it will also be present.

Seek Justice against the Gossip - use the Rune to cess the flow and freeze it  - forcing a silence...
You are then NOT going against her Will - but just steaming the flow like a Winter Breath over a body of Water. Eventually the act will slowly thaw out - but by then other things will have been in play..
Thaw is in the Spring as a Re-Birth, so bear that in mind - there is a chance that a new version of 'Gossip' gets reborn..
Think is very important - follow the 'Flow'

Place the Candle in a bowl of Ice - literally - set the candle first in a dish - and then fill it with enough water to freeze, about an inch up the base of the candle.

Once set - oil the candle with the Tarragon, and then as the candle burns lightly sprinkle the flame with some fine Tarragon Dust ...

Burn the others as an Incense next to the Candle so both the Flame and smoke its rise upwards...

When done place the remaining frozen water 'Ice' in a river continue - it will move with that body of water - which will at times also freeze...

* Allspice - burned as an Incense to draw money - Seeds are used for 'Soothing the pain of Gossip'...

* Alum Crystals - for stopping gossip - to shut people’s mouths, and stop them from speaking.

* Cloves - burn as an Incense to stop gossip

* Slippery Elm Leaf & Bark - protects from gossip and slander.

* Tarragon - Sprinkle over Fire, Oil wash on candle - causes pain in the mouth to One who gossips and lies.


Stone Dragon Valley

Wow I loved your passage I just got a really high pulse in the mall from several things that you mentioned. This spell stops gossip??? I hope so there sure is a lot of it in the mall.

Thanks for sharing

Thanks for your reply Elizabeth, I was more specific than just stopping gossip though there are spells to stop gossip. The one I cast utilized Dragon Magick for extra oomph and Phoenix power which is part of my own energy and the power of the Lady and Lord.  In Ancient herb lore it says if you want a wish granted write it on a bay leaf and burn it I added that to the spell

by writing on 3 bay leaves one of the different things I wanted to be changed in Haley one thing on each.

Free Haley from Misery,Free Haley from Alcohol, Stop Haley lying about me.  I had some unburned White Sage in my incense burner I putcinnamon and nutmeg both associated with the Phoenix on top of it.  I lit the tealights at each of the 5 points of the pentacle on my 

Pentacle Altar plate tealight holder, broke 2 white hand dipped tapers I made that day and used 3 pieces placed in a downward pointing triangle sitting in a wooden bowl filled with ice and a shallow amount of

water after speaking the spell I let the candles burn out on their own.

I did a rune reading the next day to see if the spell worked I believe it did more strongly than I expected because the first was the rune of radical severance the part of the interpretation in the book that drew my eyes mist was the part where it spoke of the change being so strong you can no longer live life in the ordinary way.

To me that meant it worked better than I expected.

Thanks for that light, that was what I needed to know, however you say using the rune ISA which is associated with ice will"force a silence" by forcing a silence am I not forcing her to do something. I kicked her out of my house and my life because she was trying to control me acting like she owned my property and my body ordering me around in my own house when she was merely a guest.

This is why I do not wish to force anything, my idea was slightly simpler, Print a picture I still have of her on an old sd card seal the mouth of the picture with wax from one of my homemade tapers . using words that would make her the one to inflict pain on herself if she told lies about me.
with her being a drunk it would not take much. but even causing her to be the one to cause her own injury or pain seems to be forcing something.

Its wrong to force something on someone byt I want the lies to stop.

how about something like a law of 3 spell that makes her lies about me cause her actions to return on her 3 times stronger. can white oak be substtuted for the slippery elm?

if not would it be ok to purchase it from somewhere like MOTHER EARTH NATURALS? no that name is no joke its the name of a real store in Gainesville.

Could what you said about cessation of energy on the 28th be why I woke so early completely alert?

Actually Adam,

What I wrote was:
"the Rune "Ice" - its Power day is then - it is the beginning of a static period - a Time of the cessation of flow and enforced rest - use the Rune to cess the flow and freeze it  - forcing a silence..."
Freezing is the 'Force'....freezing is not something that happens immediately - it occurs slowly - ice crystal by ice crystal, linking together...creating an almost floral design of extreme beauty...

When One sees it in action - there is little words that can describe the 'Magicke' as it links together...forcing an almost silence of awe..
Forcing in this term is not the same as "Forcing" against the Will - it is stilling - so that the only 'sound' heard is the Ice shifting and cracking...never quite solid, repairing as it melts and refreezes...
You are not 'Forcing' - Nature is doing the action.....and Nature is the Mother of All.

Using a Photo is fine...the questions in that has to then be asked - Remember the Flow..the Ripple.

When was the photo taken?
Who took the Photo? (If you did then you are linked by several parts) - The Eye that you used to see her through a reversing Mirror..
Few folks realise that with a Photo, it can place the Act back on them in parts - using wax  on her mouth will have your Eye become inflamed - and sticky...etc etc

Inflicting Pain will then cut both ways...

Law of Three Spell is much the same as a 'Justice' plea - and whether it is three times back or 6 months Nature controlled the same is the same.

You can certainly purchase an item pre-made long as there is some understanding of how, when etc it all came together...
Using a 'Manufactured' of the Shelf 'Walmart' style product often carries little oomph - that will all come from Self - and that may be a lot more Energy being called upon that you feel you have available...
Recovery also may be slow, and you will still have a 'Price-to-Pay' regardless of success or not...

I believe the reason you were up and awake early is 'cause the Energies linked the Need with the Answers...on a limited Time Plan..


Stone Dragon Valley

I was unable to find anywhere to obtain Elm leaves nearby, I know I have oak, cedar, ash,pine and maple trees in my yard
Thanks for clearing up the bit about using the rune to force the silence. interesting aside where my waking up was concerned: recall the girl I mentioned a while back that I might be at the beginning of a new relationship with? Well when I woke up this morning she sent a text to say good morning which I saw ad replied to 4 minutes later.

in answer to your question about the photo I did not take the picture. not sure how old the photo is the picture is one she re sent to me when I wanted a contact photo, the first copy I had was sent from her phone to mine in 2011.

Not Elm Leaves - Elm Bark - the wood - or a twig at least....'Slippery Elm' - 
If you can find the cough candy with it, in the Chemist (CVS), sometimes the Dollar group have it, crush that to a fine powder - it is a bit of the ledge - but it still has all the same elements in it ~~

Photo should then be okay - just recognise that you may experience some feed back if the aspect of Electronic - System sticking etc..


Stone Dragon Valley

I didn't think I could get slippery elm cough candy or otherwise at cvs.

I believe the way I did it worked way stronger than I expected because of the rune reading I did the next day.

Well as long as whatever you did, was functional and served the need - Magicke is Magicke...
It can be fancy or very basic....
Either way - it will happen if YOU seek to have it so...

Glad that whatever you did - worked out - now all you have to do is watch how the outcome fosters that need....


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