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Merry Meet, may the Goddess's blessings shine on you and yours. As we reach the end of the waning moon I was wondering if anyone would have a spell for the ending of procrastination and perpetual lateness. It seems as though no matter how hard I try I can't seem to get myself up and going in a timely manner regardless of what the impending task may be. (Even things that I want to do.) I've tried everything I can think of, setting my clocks ahead, going to bed earlier, getting everything ready for the following day the night before, nothing seems to help. Whether it's getting out first thing in the morning, a project to tackle here at home, or going out to do something I'm really looking forward to, I just can't get motivated enough to get going. Any and all suggestions (magical or otherwise) are greatly appreciated. Blessed Be~Amethyst

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Is there a ritual for that :P JK, my thoughts were that we can all use a little help now and then. Oddly enough, just putting it out there that I have a problem and want to change it seemed to do the trick, haven't been late for anything since I made to original post, and goddess knows I have nothing but opportunity as I've been on the go constantly as well.

I think in a way you may be right about me not wanting to do the tasks at hand, it's no secret that I'd be pleased as punch to never have to go to work again, but it was the other things that I am always late for that caused my concern. However, on a subconscious level I may not have truly been wanting to do those things either. (The one that first pops to mind is date night with the gentleman I've been seeing for about six weeks now.) BB~Amethyst (the recovering procrastinator)
Alan, thank you for the advice. The journal idea is actually something I came across in a book I bought about overcoming procrastination. (LOL, do I really need to say aloud that I have yet to finish reading it.)~Amethyst
What a fabulous idea! The irony of the fact that I don't own a watch just hit me. Thank you for the suggestion, I will definitely take your advice. BB~Amethyst
Fire, I hadn't thought of that, I think I'll save that for once I get moved in February. Actually, I was trying to come up with a special birthday ritual as I'm entering a new phase in my life (gone are the days of being considered a young adult) My new place has a fireplace and I moved my move up a month specifically so that I could spend my birthday in front of the fireplace. You got my mind working, thank you. BB~Amethyst

PS In truth, we are both right, with singular words ending in "S" either way is acceptable, though that was an accident, most of the time I tend to side with you. ;)
I know a spell to end procrastination, I'll get to it later. What do you enjoy doing, the other term for procrastination is resistance, my question is very directly, what's your payoff for holding on to your particular thought patterns?
Is it possible you may be depressed?
Sometimes doing things in pairs helps out quite a bit. I am a procrastinator and have been natoriously late for many things (not a good quality in the military i assure you...) solution was simple...i was unmotivated. So i found someone to help motivate me. Sometimes it takes two to get things done. Other times its just nice to have that extra push to get us going.

you just gotta find where you get your motivation from. a lot of people struggle with lateness and procrastination because they have conflict with themselves...
If you REALLY want a ritual to prevent yourself from procrastinating and being late, I will give you one. I will warn you, completion of the ritual will not be easy or painless. In fact, at times you may even regret beginning it. But the stipulation for starting this ritual is that you MUST follow it through to the end.

The next time Saturn is positively aspected to your birth chart, set your alarm for ten minutes before sunrise. Get up, brush your teeth but do not change or shower. Now, sit somewhere that allows you to see the rising sun, and meditate for fifteen minutes. Then, I would advise that you perform at least one-half hour of yoga to warm up your bodies. An hour would be optimal. At the point when you feel relaxed but aware, sit back down and meditate for another fifteen minutes. The whole process should take just about an hour to an hour and a half. If you do not have a watch with an hourly alarm, get one. Wear it always. In bed, in the shower, when you strip nekked for the doctor, when you go out, everywhere. It must always be on you, and the hourly alarm should be active during all daylight hours. I would advise you to get a journal as well, it will make record keeping easier. Now, after you have gone through your morning meditations, calculate the planetary hours of the day and night for that 24-hour period. Set an alarm for every time that Saturn rules an hour. Every hour of Saturn, invoke the planet and the hour, that you may have more discipline and gain a better awareness of time. It is important that you do this for every hour of Saturn, since he is planetary intelligence of discipline. In addition, every time your hourly alarm, or your Saturnine alarm, goes off check your schedule to ensure that you haven't fallen behind. If you have fallen behind, mark your non-dominant hand with a red indelible tally marker. For every day, mark on your calendar how many times you fell behind, so you can keep track of your progress improving your awareness of time and your time management.

The duration of this ritual is every day for one lunar month. If you have not gotten complete control over your time and drive by the end of the month, the next smallest duration of time is six months, with a mandatory one-week retreat from the world. It is also important to remember that Saturday is Saturn's day, so do not take Saturday as your day to go crazy, get wasted and be without a schedule, be without things to do and places to be. You can do that Friday and/or Sunday. Saturday is the day you must remain the most vigilant and the most disciplined.

Oh, also, I can assure you 100% that if you complete this ritual you WILL be more disciplined, and you will no longer be perpetually late.

I do, but you will put off using it until it's too late...
Personally, I like this spell.


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