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Any ideas on the symbolism of being bitten by a venomous spider?

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Im ok, I went to the doctor right away, since my boyfriend had been bitten about a week prior & almost lost a portion of his leg! Lucky my bite was more visable, I saw it early on & now knew what to look for! It was a Violin spider, rots the flesh & can be deadly if not attended to fast.
Thanks for your concern :) How is your brother doing?
Lol, yip.....maybe :)
Do not know symbolism for that either, but glad you're doing well. I have seen some very nasty bites come into my office. Good luck staying bite free in the future :-).
Thanks so much for your interest & concern :)
I don't know about symbolism, but I do know that I am allergic to them..I break out in terrible itchy hives..

They are my favorite bug though..

Funny enough, they're 1 of my fav.'s too :) Used to take in Babboon spiders from neighbours, rather than them being killed & set them free. Had as many as 5 once! They're becoming endangered. I have moved since, no chane of bumping into any round here :(
Thanks for sharing :)
I was bite by a recluse spider, very bad, but I was lucky and didn't loose a limb, just have bad scar. I don't think it means anything to be bite by one but I tell you he left me a symbol on my leg! LOL Blessed Be!
My boyfriend too, had emergency surgery, they had to cut a hole in his leg right to the muscle. But he has healed well & has'nt had any further complications. Mine was on my wrist (left), & i luckily got it seen to quickly. Just 1 painful visit to the doctor for me :) Boyfriend had about a month of wound-care, very sore.
Thanks for you comment :)
Wow! Thank you for taking the time to comment :) That def. makes sense to me.
My best friend screams and runs when she sees a spider, and it could be only a little baby, but I have been called over to her house sometimes so I can kill it. Silly wench! I am not afraid of them but, since I was bitten by a black widow spider (now THAT hurts, lol!) I learned that before I put shoes on or get clothes out of a chest, I check it! Thank you for posting the spider info. Very interesting stuff there. Big hugs, Rissa
Thanks for that. I was bitten by a recluse spider this summer. Looking up symbolism I definitely got messages on getting more serious with my spirituality and as a fashion designer to do what I needed to be more creative.
The way you wrote this is very eloquent.
What a wonderful enlightenment, I was just at the wrong place at the wrong time, I do not kill spiders as they protect me from other bugs I would not like to have in my house. And yes the webs are a wonder! Thank you for your post. Blessed Be!


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